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If you don’t have MORE MONEY to spend with us after 12 weeks as a client (than you would with your previous provider)…. we’ll give you $1,000 Cash & help you to switch.

Here’s what sets Let’s Get Care apart as Home Care Package Provider.

New & Innovative Approach

Client choice and value is at the centre of everything we do. Our service is unlike any other Provider in Australia. We offer full freedom and control for Home Care Package holders.

Experienced Aged Care Professionals

You’re in great hands. Our team has over 30 years of experience in aged care and we are experts in Home Care Packages.

Unbeatable Low 13% Flat Fee

Unbeatable.  That’s the best way to described our low 13% Flat Fee. We have no set up fee, no exit fee, no basic daily fee and no review fee.

You Choose Your Service Providers

You have the freedom to choose the Carers and Care Service Providers that best suit you, when you want and at the rate you’re happy with. Say hello to full control over your package.

Your Choice is Critical

Finding the right Provider for your Home Care Package is one of the most critical decisions you’ll ever make. Your choice of Provider determines how much funding you will have to access care services which ultimately affects your ability to live independently at home and on your terms.

At Let’s Get Care we understand how important your Home Care Package funding is to your overall wellbeing and quality of life. That’s why our mission is to offer an innovative solution that maximizes funding for care services. We offer an unbeatable 13% low flat fee, which covers My Aged Care compliance, and give package holders the freedom to access care services at market rates, and not inflated rates like with regular Providers.

We offer Home Care Package holders the ability to thrive independently at home.

How it Works with Let's Get Care

Step 1

Set up a meeting

Set up a meeting with a Care Expert. During this meeting your situation will be reviewed, your individual Care Plan is created and the necessary paperwork is completed to start care services.

Step 2

We get to work

Let’s Get Care covers all mandatory government compliance, financial reconciliation, annual reviews and monthly reporting which are requirements of My Aged Care for all Home Care Package holders.

Step 3

You schedule care services!

While we look after the necessary administration of your Home Care Package you can sit back and enjoy your services. With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to hire the best care service providers at market rates.

Access to the Best Care Services to help you Thrive at Home

Our innovative model allows Home Care Package holders to access any services and any care service provider of their choice, anywhere in Australia. 

Unlike regular providers, Let’s Get Care will never force you to use any care staff at inflated hourly rates or add surcharges for using carers of your choice. You have access to any care service provider you want at the rate you’re happy with. You’re never limited in choice.

We’d like to offer you a Free Info Pack. It includes the list of services that you can access with a Home Care Package. Simply click the button below to get your pack by email or in the post.

Click here to see some of the care services that you can access with a Home Care Package.

Outings & Support

Support / transport to go to appointments, shopping & social functions.


Tidying and cleaning for a happy home.

Meal Preparation

Nutrition, cooking and hydration needs.

Personal Assistance

Grooming, bathing, dressing, continence and mobility.

Respite Care

Assisting family members to take a well deserved break when needed.


Company at home our out to share moments with and speak to.

Maintaining the Home

Washing windows, clearing the gutters and other services as needed.

Medication Prompting

Ensuring the right medication is taken at the right time.


Washing, drying, ironing and organising.

24 Hour Care

Round the clock care that includes sleepovers.

Pet Care

Walks, feeding & other care to keep your pet happy & well.


Keep your garden beautiful with weeding, lawn mowing and pruning.

Clinical Care

Specialised healthcare services including nursing.


Within government guidelines you can access any care services that you need!

Looking for a Local Provider?​ Here are 3 reasons why local should be of ZERO concern when choosing a provider.

Your care services will be local to you wherever you are. Our centralised model means we are able to keep our costs down and charge our clients way less than other Providers.

If you’re choosing a local provider because you believe they will regularly visit you then you should think twice.

If a local provider does visit you then you’ll be charged a premium for it from your package. The truth is most things can be solved in a quick phone call and most providers won’t come to see you regularly anyway.

We are only a phone call away and, unlike other providers we answer our phone, we solve things quickly and we 100% deliver fantastic customer service to our clients, wherever they live.

6 Critical things Home Care Package holders must know before choosing a Provider

In this free e-book you’ll find 6 critical things every Home Care Package holder must know before choosing a Provider. Making the right choice when it comes to home care is vital for your well being and ability to live at home long term and on your own terms. There are many choices open to you and it can be hard to know which is the best.

That’s why it’s so important to have as much information as possible before speaking to any Provider. It’s also why we’ve created this guide to help you find the very best Provider for you.

Here’s what our clients have to say

What are you waiting for? Get up to Double the Care Services from your Home Care Package

You’re in great hands at Let’s Get Care. Our team of experienced aged care professionals understand how to help clients thrive at home. Through our innovative model we support individuals to get access to the best care and at the best rate. Our clients have maximum funding available for care services.

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