10,000 New Home Care Packages a good start.

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Ahead of the first hearings of a royal commission into aged care, The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has announced a funding boost of $662m.

This funding increase will allow an extra 10,000 older Australian’s to receive government subsidised care in their own homes.

The Prime Minister has acknowledged that the extra Home Care Packages will give older Australians more choice about how and where they live their lives.

The latest government figures show the number of people waiting for their appropriate level of home care has increased dramatically to more than 121,000.

The wait for extra home care assistance for many Australian’s in need can be up to 18 months which Managing Director of Let’s Get Care Michael Argent calls ‘unacceptable’.

“At Let’s Get Care we believe older Australian’s should be given the care and support to continue living at home independently on their own terms. Unfortunately for many, the reality is that by the time they get the funding they so badly need, they have been forced to commit to a less ideal alternative. While this increase in Packages is a good start, we hope that the Government will recognize that Home Care Packages are a viable solution to keeping older Australian’s living where they are happiest, at home.”

As Australia’s population continues to age, the demand for support at home will increase every year. It is necessary for the funding to adapt along with these figures.

The latest funding boost comes after the government announced $550m in new funding in December, which included 10,000 new Home Care Packages.

Unlike those released in December for high-care needs packages, the recent announcement will cover all care needs.

The latest Department of Health annual report put the number of home-care packages delivered in 2017-18 at about 100,000.

With a number of Australian’s on the waitlist that exceeds that, the need for continued funding boosts is evident.


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