5 Tips for Spring Cleaning with your Home Care Package

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Spring is the perfect time to find some motivation to do a bit of decluttering around the house.

Whether that is sorting through your closet and donating some items you no longer need, reorganising the kitchen, or finally getting to that pile of objects you’ve stored in the shed, a spring clean can do wonders for both your mental and physical health. We’ve put together a few tips to help you get started:

1. Decluttering is key.

Before you start, it’s best to assess what you’ve got in your home and whether you really need to keep it. It might be worth
creating a ‘keep’, ‘donate’ and ‘chuck’ pile. That way you can figure out what you need to reorganise and what you can clear
out of the way.

Some areas to address include:

  • Your medicine cabinet or bathroom, for expired medications and empty products.
  • Your wardrobe. We all have items we never wear, is there a family member who might benefit from a jacket that gets no use?
  • The fridge and pantry. Throw out expired food.

Donation pile of clothings to declutter the house

2. Consider how you could Improve Home Safety.

A spring clean also provides you with a great opportunity to make your home more safe. When you’re planning a spring clean, consider:

  • Floors should be clear of obstructions.
  • Fix up loose carpeting.
  • Ensure decorations are placed where they can’t be tripping hazards.
  • Watch out for stray electrical wires.
  • Check the batteries in your smoke alarms.

3. Make a clear and simple checklist.

Get yourself a cup of tea, sit down with a pen and paper and have a think about what you aim to achieve in your spring clean. Any task is made easier when there are checkboxes you can tick that keep you motivated while you’re completing it.

With your list in hand, rate your items in terms of priority. For instance, your wardrobe might be your top priority, or to reorganise the loft. If you have some helpers, you can also use the list to delegate tasks to each person, to keep them on track.

Older lady creating a to do list of spring cleaning items while having a cup of tea

4. Invite friends or family to help out.

Cleaning is vastly more enjoyable when you don’t have to do it all alone. As the saying goes, “many hands make light work.” Check in with family or friends and see if they would be available to help out, you could even try bribing them with a nice home cooked meal at the end of the day.

A spring clean can be rewarding particularly if it gives family members a chance to reminisce and work together to decide what items are must keeps and what clutter could be reduced.


5. Pay a Carer to help for the day.

You can use your Home Care Package funds to pay a carer to do a good spring clean. This could be a really beneficial use of your funding. A successful spring clean will improve home safety, reducing clutter, tripping hazards and reduce the chance of dust and mould from gathering. It will also help your mental health by giving you a more comfortable space to relax.

We hope this was helpful, and if you get the chance to do some Spring Cleaning let us know, we’d love to hear how you go. As always make sure you stay safe while cleaning, and make sure you seek some help if required. Feel free to contact us on 1300 497 442 if you have any questions about Spring Cleaning and your Home Care Package.