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Meet our Inspiring Clients: Brenda Burgoyne.

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Our Inspiring Clients: The Pursuit of Quilting, Meet Brenda Burgoyne.

Brenda Burgoyne and her close friend, Just Home Care Packages client (also part of The myHomecare Group) Rita Jones are two inspiring seniors. They have been making a difference in their community by creating beautiful quilts for those in need. Rita is 10 years older than Brenda, and despite their age difference, they have quilted together since 2005 and have made over 200 quilts for charity since 2018.

How it all Started.

Brenda and Rita’s quilting is a way for them both to make a positive different to their communities on a daily basis.

“Quilting is not just a hobby for us; it’s a way to make an impact in our community,” Brenda describes. “We started quilting for charity when a dear friend passed away, leaving behind her quilting supplies. We knew we had to put them to good use and bring comfort to those in need.”

What sets Brenda apart is her unwavering determination to continue quilting despite physical limitations. This inspiring senior has shown that age is no barrier to making a difference. Through the art of quilting, she overcame any challenges, finding comfort and joy in every stitch.

“I started quilting as I enjoy the process of making quilts. None of my family wanted quilts so we decided to make them for charity,” Brenda says. “It is nice knowing that the people who receive them appreciate the time and effort that has gone in to making them.”

Brenda is an inspiring senior by reminding us all that we all have the power to make a positive impact in our communities, no matter how small or big our contributions may be.

Paying it Forward.

Together, Brenda and Rita have tirelessly stitched love into every quilt, infusing them with warmth and hope. Their most recent endeavour involved creating 23 quilts for Catherine House, an organisation that supports individuals facing homelessness, domestic violence and single pregnant women. These quilts have provided not just physical warmth but also a tangible reminder that someone cares.

“It is lovely to hear comments from various nursing and palliative care homes, cancer treatment areas and other places we’ve donated to. The recipients are all so grateful that someone thinks of them. That is our reward,” Brenda shares. “Age is just a number. I wanted to challenge myself when I retired.”

With nimble fingers and indomitable spirits, Brenda and Rita embody the resilience and creativity of inspiring seniors. Through their shared love for quilting, they break stereotypes and inspire others to pursue their passions, regardless of any obstacle they may encounter.

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The Family Stone.

Brenda and her husband recently celebrated their 50 years of marriage and have three kids. With four grandchildren ranging from eight to 22 years old, Brenda’s inspiring legacy of kindness and compassion continues to grow, ensuring that the spirit of giving back will be carried forward for generations to come.

Let’s Get Care is Inspiring Seniors Everywhere.

When speaking about their experience with Let’s Get Care services, Brenda’s gratitude shines through. “We have been 120% happy with LGC and our Care Manager, Samantha,” she exclaims. “Their support has been truly amazing. We don’t want to lose Samantha; she has been an invaluable part of our home care services.”

Let’s Get Care provides home care support services to inspiring seniors like Brenda based on their needs and goals. From cleaning, showering and gardening, we offer personalised support for you to safely live at home. The eligibility and application process can feel complex and daunting but we’re here to help. Please read our complimentary info kit and visit My Aged Care (MAC) for more information. For any questions, please call us on 1300 497 442 and our team of experts will guide you through the process.

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