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Meet our Inspiring Clients: Elvia Van de Maele.

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Inspiring Clients: With a Little Help From My Friends, Meet Elvia Van de Maele.

Let’s Get Care is proud to support inspiring seniors like Elvia Van de Maele. In a photograph taken in 2022, just before the floods on the River Murray, Elvia exudes joy and vitality. Despite facing the challenges of Macular degeneration, with no sight in her left eye and limited vision in her right, along with a hearing impairment, Elvia remains an inspiring senior who actively engages in life.

“Mum is nearly 92 and has faced her share of health challenges, but she maintains a positive outlook and continues to live life on her terms,” Elvia’s daughter Jennie Simon says. “She takes care of her own room and insists on making her bed herself. She is also quite independent in showering and helps with laundry. Mum keeps herself mentally engaged with puzzles and reading. She even joined a writer’s group through the friendship club she attends once a week, where she shares her love for writing poetry.”

Inspiring seniors

A Love of Writing.

Elvia’s passion for writing and poetry shines brightly, even in the face of visual and hearing impairments. She joined a writer’s group at the friendship club, where she found a creative outlet and camaraderie with fellow members. Her poems are a testament to her spirit, inspiring seniors to have a zest for life.

One of Elvia’s poems, titled, “Good Morning, We are Here,” captures the joy and camaraderie experienced within the friendship club:

“To celebrate with friends of good cheer,
Now let us arise for our exercise,
We reluctantly rise from our chatter,

Straighten our spines, push back our chairs with a clatter,
Is it Tai Chi, Kinetics, or something so energetic?
Then we Move it and Grove it to music,
Give our old bodies a chance to improve it,

Later on in the day, we will listen to bands play,
Dance and sway to the rhythm,
Join in games to use our brains, so we don’t lose it,

Oh happy days to carers and staff, we give you our praise,
To the chef, thanks for the great grub,
Let’s give a cheer, we raise our voice to all here,
As we rejoice in the hub of the Friendship Club.”

Inspiring senior

Let’s Get Care is Inspiring Seniors Everywhere.

Elvia Van de Maele, an inspiring senior nearing the age of 92, has found great satisfaction and support through the services provided by Let’s Get Care (LGC). Reflecting on her experience, Elvia expresses her utmost satisfaction with the service and the peace of mind it brings.

“We have been really happy with the service we are receiving from Let’s Get Care,” Elvia shares. “It was challenging to decide on a care provider initially, but the first phone call with Let’s Get Care put my mind at ease. They patiently answered all my questions and explained all the options clearly. We opted for the self-managed care package as we wanted to continue with our trusted cleaner. I must admit, I was initially apprehensive about self-management, but it has turned out to be incredibly easy. My Care Manager, Tori Walker, is wonderful and always there to address any concerns promptly. It has truly put my mind at ease.”

Elvia further commended Let’s Get Care for their transparency and straightforward fee structure. She appreciates the fact that there are no hidden costs and only one comprehensive fee, which sets Let’s Get Care apart from other providers.

Elvia’s creativity and active participation in the writers group not only showcase her resilience but also inspire others in her community to embrace their passions and talents, regardless of any challenges.

Let’s Get Care supports inspiring seniors like Elvia to stay independent in their own homes. We offer tailored home care services to suit your needs. To learn more read our complimentary info kit here: Download now. We will support you every step of the way.

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