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Meet our Inspiring Clients: Hans Wollbrandt.

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Inspiring Clients: When Pen Pals fall in Love, Meet Hans Wollbrandt.

Let’s Get Care (LGC) supports inspiring seniors across the country who have a lot of life experience and wisdom to share. Hans Wollbrandt met his wife Mary Kane (MJ) in a unique way, keeps up to date with technology and enjoys staying as independent as possible.

When Hans Met MJ.

Hans Wollbrandt’s love story began in 1979 when he joined a pen pal program and connected with MJ, who lived in the Philippines. Despite the distance between them, they nurtured their friendship through letters for three years. MJ was 29 at the time, and Hans became her first boyfriend, proving that love knows no boundaries. In 1984, they took the next step and officially tied the knot.

Reflecting on their unique love story, MJ fondly recalls their first meeting. “When Hans picked me up from the airport, I couldn’t miss him. He stood tall at 6’4, wearing a big hat and smoking a pipe.”

Their simple wedding and registration marked the beginning of a beautiful journey together and they’re inspiring seniors to everyone who meets them.

Inspiring seniors

Hans and MJ’s Family.

For Hans and MJ, family is the cornerstone of their lives. They cherish their close bond with their son, who resides just ten minutes away, and enjoy being grandparents to their one-year-old grandson. Regular visits from family in Germany further strengthen their connections and bring them immense happiness.

“Our family is everything to us and my son is tall like me.” Hans shares. “Even though we are far from our homeland, we find solace and joy with our family and friends.”

The Life of Hans.

Hans finds joy in the simple pleasures of life, with music, television and radio. Throughout his career, he worked in administration, specialising in payroll. His love for technology led him to explore the world of computers and IT.

“Hans enjoys using computers and technology, and despite his vision impairment, he has embraced the possibilities they offer,” MJ explains. “He spends hours on the computer, often staying up until 3am. He pays more attention to the computer than me!”

While Hans’s vision impairment poses challenges, he remains determined to improve his physical balance and regain his driving independence. Hans’ love for driving, a passion that defined him, has been affected by his stroke. However, he continues to seek solutions and explore options that can help him navigate this aspect of his life and is an inspiring senior for his determination.

Journeying far and wide.

Hans and MJ share a love for exploration and travel, both within Australia and abroad. They remember their memorable trip to Europe in 2018, cherishing the experiences they had before the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our travel experiences have enriched our lives and created lasting memories,” Hans reflects. “We are grateful for the opportunity to have that big trip before the world changed.”

In addition to travel, MJ finds joy in line dancing, painting and socialising. They are inspiring seniors and a special couple.

Inspiring seniors

Let’s Get Care is Inspiring Seniors Everywhere.

When Hans experienced a stroke and required rehabilitation, the process of obtaining a Home Care Package was filled with documentation and administrative tasks. MJ appreciates the flexibility and support provided by Let’s Get Care during this challenging time.

“Let’s Get Care has been a great support system for us,” MJ expresses. “They have been flexible, allowing us to have control over the hiring process. I manage the finances and plan for the future needs of Hans’ care. Let’s Get Care even assisted us in obtaining a walker for Hans, which greatly improved his mobility. Their support has been invaluable.” We appreciate Hans sharing his experience with us and inspiring seniors far and wide.

As we enter our senior years, doing certain tasks can become more difficult. We support inspiring seniors like Hans to live in their own homes for as long as possible. If you want more information about Home Care Packages or applying for one, you call call us on 1300 497 442 or download a free info kit here: Download now.

You can also visit My Aged Care (MAC) for more details.

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