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Meet our Inspiring Clients: Marina Gray.

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Inspiring Clients: Murder She Wrote, Meet Marina Gray.

Let’s Get Care (LGC) is in a privileged position to support many inspiring seniors like Marina Gray. Marina’s life is a testament to the power of creativity, community service and historical preservation. Through her crocheting, she weaves together memories and relationships. As a writer, Marina has given voice to untold stories and preserved the histories of families and communities.

The Theory of Crocheting.

Crocheting is more than just a hobby; it is a journey through colours that intertwine with past friendships and relationships. With her nimble fingers and a creative spirit, Marina has crafted beautiful, crocheted pieces for her family and friends, each stitch representing a cherished memory.

“When I crochet, I can’t help but think about the colours and the people I’ve shared my life with,” Marina reflects. “It’s a comforting activity that brings me joy and allows me to honour the connections I’ve made.”

Links to Community.

Marina’s life has been marked by resilience and a strong commitment to serving her community. After her first husband passed away, she relocated to Adelaide to care for him. The very next day, Marina found employment at a local charity organisation, where she dedicated 20 years of her life. She managed an opportunity shop, spreading kindness and support to those in need, and is an inspiring senior to those around her.

The NeverEnding Story.

Throughout her life, Marina has explored diverse professional paths and pursued her passion for writing. She worked as an industrial radiographer with a government development before transitioning to a role at a country Post Office in the small town of Terowie at the age of 40.

It was in Terowie that Marina found a new purpose and discovered her talent for preserving history. Collaborating with her second husband, Philip, a town historian, Marina wrote a book about Terowie, capturing its social history and preserving its unique stories.

Marina’s writing journey continued as she delved into the histories of different families and documented the memories of servicemen who passed through the town’s army camp. Her six books reflect her dedication to preserving the rich tapestry of human experiences. Through her work, she has highlighted the life experiences of many inspiring seniors.

Inspiring seniors

Dedication to Family. 

Marina’s dedication to her family is evident in her role as a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She proudly speaks of her two sons, who have each brought two children into the world. Their shared bonds and love bring Marina immense joy and fulfilment. In turn, Marina’s stories and the memories makes her an inspiring senior for future generations.

Let’s Get Care is Inspiring Seniors Everywhere.

About her experience with Let’s Get Care, Marina shares her admiration for our professionalism and efficient operation. “Having worked in Accounts, I knew how things should be done. Let’s Get Care has exceeded my expectations with their remarkable responses and control over the services provided,” she states.

Marina appreciates the transparency and the ability to track her expenditure easily. The support she has received for her health needs has been prompt and commendable. Marina also praises the Green Pencil program, which she enthusiastically signed up for. The program’s effectiveness in organising her care and services left her amazed and grateful.

Do you or someone you know need a little extra help around the house? If you are aged 65 or older (50 years or older for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people), please visit My Aged Care (MAC). MAC will assess your eligibility based on your personal circumstances. We love meeting inspiring seniors like Marina.

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Inspiring seniors

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