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Meet out Inspiring Clients: Peter Robinson

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Inspiring Seniors: Meet Master of Art and Photography, Peter Robinson.

We have many inspiring seniors at Let’s Get Care and Peter Robinson is one of them. From his beginnings in South London during the war-torn 1940s to his retirement as a successful freelance commercial artist in 1995, Peter has always had a passion for creativity. Today, he is a respected member of the Australian art and photography communities, and an inspiration to live life to the fullest.

Inspiring seniors

Coming to Australia.

Born in South London in 1929, Peter spent his teenage years in that war-ravaged city in exciting but dangerous times, the early 1940s. Influenced by his Battle of Britain heroes, he joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) at the age of seven, starting his journey to Australia. He spent eight years in the service which taught him the trade of photographer and the ability to survive in adversity and provided him with a lot of overseas travel. During this time, he travelled extensively in Egypt and Singapore, gaining valuable experience in both his profession and in life.

“I met my wife, Yvonne, in London and we married a few years later in Singapore. Together, we made the decision to emigrate to Australia in 1955 as part of the ‘ten-pound pom’ scheme.” Peter remembers. “We had our six-month-old daughter Carol and 20 dollars in out pockets.”

Picture Perfect.

Upon arriving in Australia, Peter initially found work selling soap. However, his artistic talent soon landed him a job as a layout artist in an advertising agency, and he went on to establish his own successful small art agency in 1965. His artistic ability was also expressed through his love of photography, which he rediscovered after moving to a five-acre property in Narooma with his family in 1999. He even established the Narooma Camera Club with a friend in 2001.

“I wanted to create a space where photography enthusiasts could come together, share ideas and learn from each other,” Peter shares.

The club still thrives today, with a membership of about 30 new and established photographers. Peter loves black and white photography and also worked as a freelance artist when he was in his thirties.

Inspiring seniors

The Artist.

In 2017, when back problems forced him to give up golf, Peter discovered a new passion: watercolour painting. He has sold many paintings and is a member of an art society.

“I’ve enjoyed entering national and international exhibitions,” Peter says. “I plan to improve my painting skills and to help perpetuate traditional film-based photographic techniques in the face of the relentless march of digital, so that the skills of analogue methods will not be lost.”

Many of Peter’s pieces include nature paintings, animals and birds, and of boats washed up on beaches.

Peter’s experience with Let’s Get Care.

When asked about his experience with Let’s Get Care, Peter says: “Everyone’s cheerful and efficient. My Care Manager, Teagan is great. She’s very prompt and in touch quite quickly.”

We love hearing that his experience with Let’s Get Care has been positive and the impact we have made on Peter’s life during his senior years.

While he enjoys painting and art now, he fondly looks back on his travel memories from the past too, saying, “the most interesting thing that’s happened in my life is riding a camel in Egypt.”

Peter has three kids and three grandchildren, and enjoys spending time with his family.

Inspiring seniors

Thank you to Peter for sharing his story with us, we love hearing and sharing stories about the inspiring seniors in our Let’s Get Care community.

Do you need home care support? Let’s Get Care support many inspiring seniors like Peter to live safely and happily in their own homes through services such as, personal care, transport to shopping and medical appointments and social support to name a few. You can call us on 1300 497 442 or download a complimentary Info Kit here: Download now.

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