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Meet our Inspiring Clients: Will Charlton.

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Inspiring Clients: Battling Ageism, Meet Will Charlton. 

The inspiring seniors at Let’s Get Care (LGC) remind us of our core organisational purpose, every single day. Will Charlton exemplifies the spirit of an inspiring senior, dedicating himself to advocating for respect, inclusiveness and equality. With a strong desire to support ageing communities and individuals in need, he is committed to making a positive impact and creating a more inclusive society for all.

Through his passion for radio sailing, Will aims to establish the All Abilities Radio Sailing Hub, providing individuals of all abilities with the opportunity to engage in an enjoyable and empowering activity. His dedication to fostering community support and securing generous donations showcases his determination to make this vision a reality.

inspiring seniors

Inclusivity and Diversity.

Will is a compassionate advocate who believes in helping others without discrimination. With a strong commitment to respect, inclusiveness and equality, Will is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of individuals across all age groups, genders and abilities.

“I firmly believe in showing respect and inclusiveness to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances,” Will emphasises. “It’s important to work together, supporting one another and fostering a sense of belonging in our communities.”

Champion of Anti-ageism.

As Will navigates through the challenges of ageing and diminishing functionality, he has found a new purpose in advocating for the ageing community and individuals facing struggles at any stage of life. With his wealth of experience and strong opinions on various topical subjects, Will aims to creating a more supportive and inclusive society.

“I am passionate about advocating for those who need help and support, regardless of their age or abilities,” Will affirms. “By raising awareness and addressing the needs of our ageing population, we can ensure that everyone has the opportunity to live a fulfilling and dignified life. There are many inspiring seniors in the community.”

Will particularly advocates for ageing and NDIS clients to choose and negotiate hourly rates, times and a 24/7 environment.

“No unions, nor awards to interfere with supply and demand. Just market-based written arrangement as per My Aged Care rights duties and ATO rules of businesses with informed parties on both sides. This a basic feature of independently managed packages in an efficient way,” Will says.

The Heart of the Sea.

Will’s dedication to making a difference extends beyond advocacy. He is an avid enthusiast of radio sailing, a competitive sailing sport that combines radio-controlled model boats and skilled navigation. Recognising the benefits of this activity for individuals of all abilities, Will has set his sights on establishing a new radio sailing club, the All Abilities Radio Sailing Hub.

He proposed this to the Darebin LGA and was told that the Lake was not to be to be used for any water activities because of the pollution of blue green algae. As this gets caught in the boat keels, that option is deferred.

“Just a small setback, I believe in the power of radio sailing to bring people together and provide a sense of joy and accomplishment,” Will shares. “Through this club, we can create an inclusive space where individuals of all abilities can participate and enjoy the sport.”

To establish the club, Will is seeking generous donations to cover the initial setup costs, including equipment like a rescue boat.

Let’s Get Care is Inspiring Seniors Everywhere.

About his experience with Let’s Get Care, Will shares that everyone he’s every dealt with has been professional and kind and have a similar mission to him, of supporting the ageing population. “I am most appreciative of the good services provided for self-managed packages. I wanted and received the right to choose any Support Worker that meets my needs, and fits within the guidelines of My Aged Care. Thanks, Let’s Get Care, you do well for the the self-managing clients,” he states.

Will’s unwavering commitment to advocacy, community engagement and the pursuit of his passions makes him an inspiring senior to people of all ages. His story encourages us to embrace the opportunities we have to make a positive difference in the lives of others, promoting inclusivity and support within our communities.

Through the government funded Home Care Package program, Let’s Get Care supports inspiring seniors like Will to live at home independently. To check your eligibility for home care support, please visit My Aged Care (MAC) We have also compiled all the relevant information in the one place to support you through the application process in this simple Info Kit: Download now.

Inspiring seniors

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