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Jean’s Referral Success Story

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This referral story is about Jean, she has a heart full of stories and a smile that can light up any room. In this heartwarming story, we’ll take you through Jean’s referral journey towards finding the care and support she needs with Let’s Get Care.

A Life of Adventure

Born and raised in Victoria, Jean adores her town, Moyston. With four children and the motto, ‘Put a smile on your face, and we can get through life the way we want,’ Jean is a welcoming face to everyone she meets.

Jean 2 LGC

In Jean’s career, she had a range of experiences that made an impact on the community. From her days working with 16mm films, bringing worldwide pictures to people all over Victoria, to her time in court recording law-code evidence, Jean’s work history is a testament to her dedication and hard work. Later, she lent her hand to the Australian electoral office, ensuring every vote counted. And her dedication didn’t stop there; she even spent a decade volunteering at palliative care, supporting grieving families.

Discovering Let’s Get Care

So, how did Jean first hear about Let’s Get Care? It was through a referral from a friend, whose mother already had a package with Let’s Get Care. She was impressed by the low flat fees and the opportunity to self-manage her package with choice and control. The Care Expert she spoke with was incredibly helpful, sealing the deal.

Her journey here began in 2018 when mobility issues led her to call an ambulance. She had been with the council for several years but was seeking a change. And thankfully her friend introduced her to Home Care Packages (HCP), and their experience with Let’s Get Care. Fast forward a few years, and Jean remains a loyal and satisfied member of Let’s Get Care.


A Reliable Support System, Let’s Get Care

Jean had faced challenges before finding Let’s Get Care. She tried several other providers, but none were willing to guide her with knowledge or provide the personal connections she needed. With Let’s Get Care, she found consistency and genuine care.

Our services have had a significant and positive impact on Jean’s life. She raves about her cleaner, who she describes as “amazing.” With her Home Care Package, she now receives assistance with shopping, cleaning, personal tasks, meal preparation, and physiotherapy.

Jean 3 LGC

A Passion for Sharing and Referrals 

Jean has recommended Let’s Get Care to many friends and will continue to do so. Her enthusiasm for our services is contagious, and her story is a testament to the difference Let’s Get Care is able to make to support individuals living at home as long as they are able to.

Jean’s referral story is a reminder that quality care can make a world of difference, and at Let’s Get Care, we’re honoured to be part of her incredible journey. We invite you to reach out, just as Jean did, and discover the personalised care and support that can enhance your life too.

Inspired to spread care and joy?

If Jean’s referral story resonates with you and you’re looking to make a positive change in the lives of your loved ones, neighbours, or friends, consider joining our Refer a Friend Program. If you’re already a client of Let’s Get Care, refer a friend and you will get rewarded for helping others experience choice and control with their Home Care Package like yourself.

Or if you know someone who’s already a client with Let’s Get Care and would like to experience the same joy or service and quality care, reach out to our expert team and introduce yourself.

When you refer a friend or family member to Let’s Get Care, both you and the person you refer can earn an extra $150 in your Home Care Package account.

For more information about our Refer a Friend Program and the benefits it offers, feel free to get in touch with our experienced Care Experts on 1300 497 442.


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