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How to use technology as an older person.

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Wondering how to use technology as an older person? You’re not alone! Technology is becoming more popular across generations and for good reason. As we age technology can enable us to lead a healthier and more independent life.

We all know technology is great for keeping in touch with people but did you know it can also help with monitoring your health? So, not only are there mental health benefits through connectivity, our physical health can also be benefitted though technology as an older person.

Using technology as an older person has heaps of benefits and we’ve started with a few of these below.

Tips for using technology as an older person:

1. Keeping our brains active.

There are apps that can be used on our devices to do puzzles, play interactive games or even learn new skills. No matter what age we are, keeping our brain active is so important.

2. Communication through technology.

Technological devices such as mobiles and tablets have made a huge difference in our ability to communicate with others. With these devices, we are able to video-chat, call, message and share pictures. All of these functions can help ageing people connect with family that might not be able to visit as often.

3. Health Monitors.

For those living at home, it can be stressful having to travel to travel into hospital or doctors for regular health checks. With the invention of health monitors which are able to take regular health readings, these visits may not need to be as often.

4. Wearables.

There are now gadgets that can keep our loved ones and service providers well informed about our whereabouts, well-being and safety. Certain devices even have the ability to inform your carer about you being immobile for a long period of time. They do this by monitoring if the fridge has been opened or bathroom used, which is extremely beneficial for those living alone. The alert provides a way of notifying someone if there is a lag in movement so they can check up on you and ensure everything is okay. This is a great way to utilise the benefits of technology as an older person.

5. Get Appy!

If you have an iPhone or tablet, you have access to a whole new world of apps. You can find any of the below Apps by searching for them in the App Store. Here are a few we think are pretty great:

Duo Lingo.

Ever wanted to learn a new language? This app will allow you to do that pretty easily. You can pick from a variety of different languages and it is fairly easy to use. I’m learning German!


This app helps to exercise your brain with different puzzles. This is one of the best rated puzzle apps and starts off easy, getting more challenging as you go!

Life 360.

No more asking your family to call to ensure they’ve arrived home safely. With this app GPS tracking will keep track of your movements and in with your family to ensure you are all safe and looked after.


This app will mean there is no longer a need to cart around books to doctors appointments! While some of us do love a hardcopy, (us included) it’s also great to have the option to read books directly on your iPad or even an iPhone and purchase more even without a book shop nearby.


You may have heard of this one it is a streaming service that allows you to watch a wide range of films and tv shows from your device. Netflix does require you to pay a subscription… but it also gives you access to many different TV shows or movies directly onto your device. This means if you’re at an appointment or even at home (on your computer) you are able to search through all the different movies and TV shows they have to offer.


If you find the text on restaurant menus too small and tricky to read this could be helpful! This app will magnify the text and light it for you and will ensure you never have to ask someone to read you out the menu again.


This is the leader of the pack in brain-training apps. Ever heard use-it-or-lose-it? The app has word games, brain twisters, memory games and lots of puzzles to give your brain a big work out.

MediSafe Medication Reminder.

This one is highly regarded by healthcare professionals and used to remind you about taking specific medications. The app can even keep track of your blood glucose levels, blood pressure, weight, pulse and temperature. This data can be saved and sent on to your doctor. The app also has an option for a notification to be sent to your family if you don’t take your medication and can help them check in on you. This is a great way to use technology as an older person to benefit your health.


While you’re on technology, it’s important to stay safe. Check out our article about staying safe from online scams: https://letsgetcare.com.au/older-people-to-stay-safe-from-scams/


We hope you’ve found this list of ideas helpful with how to manage technology as an older person. If there are any other technology options you’ve benefited from then please let us know below.

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