10 Tips for Socialising as an Older Australian.

Group of older people socialising and connecting with each other.

Social Isolation has been an epidemic for older people since before COVID-19, so there has never been a more important time to look at tips for socialising as an older Australian. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare “Social isolation and loneliness can be harmful to both mental and physical health.” So what … Read more

Celebrating NAIDOC Week.

4-11 July 2021 is NAIDOC week. This week recognises and celebrates the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. NAIDOC Week is celebrated by all Australians. It is a great way for us to learn about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and communities. The theme for NAIDOC week 2021 … Read more

While it’s heating up outside here’s how to stay cool!

Hot to stay cool when it heats up

If you are without an Air Con this Summer, here are a few handy tips for keeping cool without it! The Freezer is your Friend. Stick your sheets in the fridge or freezer a few minutes before bed. It’s best to place them in a plastic bag first (unless you want them to smell like … Read more