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Jean’s Referral Success Story

Jean's Referral Success Story.

This referral story is about Jean, she has a heart full of stories and a smile that can light up any room. In this heartwarming story, we’ll take you through Jean’s referral journey towards finding the care and support she needs with Let’s Get Care. A Life of Adventure Born and raised in Victoria, Jean … Read more

Meet out Inspiring Clients: Peter Robinson

Inspiring seniors

Inspiring Seniors: Meet Master of Art and Photography, Peter Robinson. We have many inspiring seniors at Let’s Get Care and Peter Robinson is one of them. From his beginnings in South London during the war-torn 1940s to his retirement as a successful freelance commercial artist in 1995, Peter has always had a passion for creativity. … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Brenda Burgoyne.

Inspiring seniors

Our Inspiring Clients: The Pursuit of Quilting, Meet Brenda Burgoyne. Brenda Burgoyne and her close friend, Just Home Care Packages client (also part of The myHomecare Group) Rita Jones are two inspiring seniors. They have been making a difference in their community by creating beautiful quilts for those in need. Rita is 10 years older … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Marina Gray.

inspiring seniors

Inspiring Clients: Murder She Wrote, Meet Marina Gray. Let’s Get Care (LGC) is in a privileged position to support many inspiring seniors like Marina Gray. Marina’s life is a testament to the power of creativity, community service and historical preservation. Through her crocheting, she weaves together memories and relationships. As a writer, Marina has given … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Will Charlton.

Inspiring seniors

Inspiring Clients: Battling Ageism, Meet Will Charlton.  The inspiring seniors at Let’s Get Care (LGC) remind us of our core organisational purpose, every single day. Will Charlton exemplifies the spirit of an inspiring senior, dedicating himself to advocating for respect, inclusiveness and equality. With a strong desire to support ageing communities and individuals in need, … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Hans Wollbrandt.

Inspiring seniors

Inspiring Clients: When Pen Pals fall in Love, Meet Hans Wollbrandt. Let’s Get Care (LGC) supports inspiring seniors across the country who have a lot of life experience and wisdom to share. Hans Wollbrandt met his wife Mary Kane (MJ) in a unique way, keeps up to date with technology and enjoys staying as independent … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Elvia Van de Maele.

Inspiring seniors

Inspiring Clients: With a Little Help From My Friends, Meet Elvia Van de Maele. Let’s Get Care is proud to support inspiring seniors like Elvia Van de Maele. In a photograph taken in 2022, just before the floods on the River Murray, Elvia exudes joy and vitality. Despite facing the challenges of Macular degeneration, with … Read more

Meet our Inspiring Clients: Miriam Millgate.

Inspiring seniors

Inspiring Clients: Music to our Ears, Meet Miriam Millgate. We are proud of supporting many interesting and inspiring seniors at Let’s Get Care (LGC). Miriam Millgate was assumed dead when she was born and the doctors predicted many long-term illnesses. But she defied the odds and her infectious laughter and singing touches the hearts of … Read more

What is a self-managed Home Care Package?

Self-managed Home Care Package

Have you heard about a self-managed Home Care Package but not quite sure what it means? Self-management has become an increasingly popular option for Home Care Package recipients in recent years. What is a Home Care Package? A Home Care Package is funding from the government to support you to live independently at home. You … Read more