6 Critical Things you Need to Know Before Choosing a Provider Even During A Pandemic

Learn How You Can DOUBLE The Amount Of Care Services You Receive

Includes the simple 15 questions to make sure you are never taken advantage of by your Home Care Package Provider

Why Life is Better with Let's Get Care

Freedom to choose the Service Providers you want, when it suits you and at a rate you’re comfortable with. 

Unbeatable low flat fee of 13% with no hidden fees. That means more money to spend on the services you need.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, with us you’re in safe hands. 

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COVID-19: Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Getting the Care You Need

In the face of the Coronavirus pandemic it might feel like the wrong time to accept a Home Care Package, switch Providers or spend your Home Care Package funds. We want to reassure you that at Let’s Get Care we have everything in place to continue your journey responsibly, safely and above all – with care.

We believe now, perhaps more than ever, is an important time to ensure that you have the support you need to stay healthy and happy in your home.

Worried About Social Distancing? There are a range of services you can still access without having to physically interact with other, while maintaining social distancing. For example;

  • Have meals prepared and placed in the freezer.
  • Have someone do your shopping and pick up those essential items.
  • Have your garden maintained and well looked after.
  • Purchasing necessary goods and equipment.
Here’s What We’re Doing To Guarantee That:

A Safe And Efficient Sign Up

We will complete your initial sign-up with us over the phone. Once everything cools down, one of our experienced Client Liaison’s will come out to meet you in person.

The Services You Need Now

With us you have the ability to set-up the services you need from your Home Care Package funding as soon as possible. In times of uncertainty, that’s something you can depend on.

Quality Customer Support

With 30 years of experience in the industry, we will ensure you’re in safe hands. With our supportive and caring team, we guarantee you will always feel confident in your decision to get the most from your Home Care Package.

$1,000 "Can't Lose" Guarantee

You can’t lose with us! We guarantee that if you don’t have more funds to spend with us after 12 weeks as a client (than you would with your previous provider), we’ll give you $1,000 cash and help you to switch to another Provider. 

We give you More Control and Choice of Services ​

Our innovative self-management model gives you the ability to access the support and services you want.

Unlike with traditional Providers, we will never force you to use specific care staff at inflated hourly rates or add surcharges for using carers of your choice. We empower you to choose the people you like, when it suits you, at a rate you’re happy with.

We have partnerships with a huge list of trusted service providers all over Australia. We cater to clients in regional areas and aren’t just restricted to capital cities. If there’s a specific Service Provider you would like to use, just let us know and we can set up a Service Provider Agreement with them.

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