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Discover Personalised Home Care Packages.

With Let’s Get Care, navigate through Home Care Packages (HCP) to enhance your independence and quality of life, right in the comfort of your own home. After your ACAT assessment, you will receive your approved HCP level. And that’s the start of your home care journey.

How Home Care Packages work.

A Home Care Package (HCP) is an Australian government subsidised program designed to support older Australians aiming to live independently at home. These packages come in four levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 4 Home Care Package, catering from basic care needs to complex care needs. Each Home Care Package level is designed to pay for the care services for applicants. The appropriate level is determined by your physical and cognitive needs evaluated by the Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT). While the funds aren’t directly paid to you, they can be utilised to acquire care hours or other support services that best fit your needs. It’s essential to select an approved Home Care Package Provider to manage these funds and assist with care and package coordination.

Understanding different Home Care Package levels.

Home Care Packages are tiered into four distinct levels, each catering to varying care needs and complexities. From basic care services, intermediate care to high level care needs, these levels are tailored to ensure every older Australian can receive assistance for their individual requirements and preferences, ensuring a comfortable and independent life at their own home. Your Home Care Package level will also determine the amount of funding you have available to help you at home. 

Level 1

This starting Home Care Package level is designed to cover basic care needs. This can include basic day-to-day tasks ranging from personal care, meal preparation to anything that you may require assistance with. 

Level 2

Support services for low-level care needs are included in a Level 2 package. This package provides more funding than a Level 1. The funding can support an older Australian to receive support with a range of tasks.

Level 3

This Package level is designed to support those older Australians with intermediate level care needs. With this package you are able to choose from a range of support and services to help you remain living at home.

Level 4

Level 4 Home Care Package is the highest level of funding. It is designed to support those older Australians with high-level care needs. We provide you with this high level of comprehensive support for a low and competitive flat fee.

Our Home Care Package levels Pricing.

We charge a fixed rate no matter which Home Care Package level you are at. To demonstrate how many more hours of care services you could get with us, regardless of your package level, we’ve put together a handy comparison with us and other Providers. 

Level 1 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (18%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $394 $394
Care Management Fees $51 $79
Package Management Fees $20 $59
Funds Available for Support Services $323 $256
Level 2 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (18%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $693 $693
Care Management Fees $90 $139
Package Management Fees $35 $104
Funds Available for Support Services $568 $450
Level 3 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (18%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $1,508 $1,508
Care Management Fees $196 $302
Package Management Fees $75 $226
Funds Available for Support Services $1,236 $980
Level 4 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (18%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $2,286 $2,286
Care Management Fees $297 $457
Package Management Fees $114 $343
Funds Available for Support Services $1,874 $1,486

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How to find your eligibility through the Aged Care Assessment Team.

There are a number of things that will be looked at during an assessment process to ensure that everyone receives the care and support they need. The Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) will look at various things to determine your eligibility.

Choose from a range of services.

We offer a variety of aged care services with your package. No matter whether you need support for daily tasks or extra support with high care needs, we are here to ensure the smooth delivery of services provided to help older Australians with every HCP level. There are a range of services you could receive based on your needs, from nursing support and clinical care, through to domestic assistance and personal care. You can navigate just some of the services available through a package below. 

Personal care

Personal care services usually include grooming, bathing, dressing, continence and mobility.

Domestic assistance

Basic in home care and support at your home including meal preparation, laundry, and etc.

Social support

Support and transport to attend appointments, go shopping and attend social functions.

Allied health & therapy

This service includes physiotherapy, podiatry and more to support your health needs.

Nursing care

Clinical services include complex nursing care or other specialist services to address any health concerns.

Respite care

Assisting family members to take a well deserved break when needed.

Get local services with your package.

We support clients with customised care delivered by their preferred care worker in the local area. We work closely with our clients and their family to keep them living safely in their own homes. Your care is based on your specific needs. Whether you require basic care support, intermediate care or have more complex needs you can tailor your support to your needs. As your needs change we will be there to give you expert advice to get some extra support in place for you. 

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

With Let’s Get Care you have the choice and control to receive the services you want, when you want them, delivered by an expert care worker that provides assistance that suits your needs.
Pay low fixed transparent fees from your government funding and nothing more, whatever your HCP level, from Level 1 to Level 4 Home Care Package. This is how we support you to get more from your Home Care Package funding so you have more hours of care available for your home care services.
We were the first Provider in Australia to offer self-managed Home Care Packages. We help you wherever you are on your in home care journey to stay independent in your community.

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How to set up care services with your approved HCP level.

We help you get your in-home care services started quickly and seamlessly to ensure you get the support you need to continue living safely and happily at your own home regardless which HCP level you are assigned with.

Step 1

The first step is to speak with one of our Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your care needs.

Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the signup documents for you to complete online so you can get your services started as soon as possible.

Step 3

And you’re ready to get your services started! With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers or bring your own care worker onboard.


Home Care Package holders must have a government Approved Provider to administer funds and their care plan appropriately and to meet ongoing government compliance, on their behalf. This is a government requirement and cannot be done by the individual.

To apply for HCP, you need to call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and ask for an assessment. During the initial call you will be asked a series of questions over the phone to determine if you will proceed to the next step in the process which normally are in-person ACAT assessments.

After your ACAT assessment you will receive a letter from My Aged Care letting you know the outcome of your assessment. If you are eligible for support you will be approved for a specific level (1,2,3 or 4) and placed in the national priority system to wait for a package to be assigned to you.

The wait time to be assigned a Home Care Package is currently 1-3 months.

If you’re applying for a government-subsidised Home Care Package, an Income Assessment is generally required to determine if you need to pay an Income Tested Fee. The assessment is conducted by the Services Australia. If your income falls below a certain income threshold, you may not need to pay the Income Tested Fee. It’s essential to complete this assessment to ensure you’re paying the correct fees at your assigned Home Care Package level.

You are able to take leave from your Home Care Package. Leave can be taken in many personal circumstances such as for a hospital stay, for transition care which may follow a hospital stay, to receive respite care or for social reasons. 

When you take leave, your funding will continue for up to 28 consecutive days at the full basic subsidy rate. After 28 days however, your subsidy will decrease to 25% of the basic subsidy rate.

Book a free tele-consultation.

Want a phone call with our team at a time that suits? Our free consultation call with a dedicated Care Expert will give you more information about Home Care Packages, our different care models, aged care and answer any specific questions you have. 

We will listen to your specific care needs and explain the options available to support you to live at home. Interested in specific home care services? Let us know. 

Select a date and time between Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (AEST), that suits you to meet with one of our Care Experts. They will give you a call on the phone within half an hour of the time you select. 

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