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By self-managing your Home Care Package with Let's Get Care, you get to choose services that meet your unique needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we are confident that we can provide you with the best quality brokerage services local to you.

Personalised services tailored to you in the Murray region.

At Let’s Get Care, we understand that everyone’s needs are unique. Our experienced team members that support clients across the Murray region are available to help you get more from your Home Care Package. If you are interested in the services we can provide, please contact us via:

Our dedicated staff work with you to choose from our wide range of services.

We have a comprehensive range of available services for you and your family to choose from. Whether you require personal care, dementia care, gardening or other care services, we can help. We aim to meet your specific requirements in aged care with our care and services so that you can live independently in your own home for as long as possible.

Personal care

Our personal care services provide assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, meal preparation and other essential personal care needs. You can choose carers to support you in completing these routine tasks.

Domestic assistance

A clean, safe home environment promotes your well-being. Our services ensure your home remains tidy and hazard-free. They could include sweeping, mopping, window cleaning and other services.

Social support

Our social support services combat isolation by providing companionship, transportation and accompaniment. Support workers will assist you with visiting friends, and family, attending community activities, running errands like shopping, and more social outings.

Allied health & therapy

Allied Health and Therapy services cover a wide range of healthcare specialties and therapeutic interventions that address a variety of health problems and promote overall wellness. This could include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy, depending on your unique care needs. We provide personalised quality care to maintain your health.

Nursing care

Clinical and medical support from the comfort of your home. This includes wound care, medication management, personal hygiene assistance, nutritional support, as well as coordinating your overall Care Plan.

Respite care

We understand that providing care for a loved one is immensely rewarding, but can also be overwhelming at times. Respite care can relieve the stress of caring for you or your family.

We offer virtual or in home care services.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

At Let’s Get Care, you can enjoy more choice and control. You can choose the individualised service that meets your preferences and who delivers your services. You can also choose to retain carers you already have in place, when you switch to us. 

We only charge a low flat fee of 18% from your Home Care Package, with no additional fees. At Let’s Get Care, you can enjoy more services and funding available from your package.

We are proud to say that we were the first Provider to offer self-management. With our experience, we are better equipped to help you self-manage, and ensure you can maximise your package.


Meet our team providing assistance for clients in the Murray region.

Our talented team members support older Australians who live in the Murray community. While we offer a telehealth model to ensure your Care Manager is not on the road and is available to take your call, you also have the ability to hire your own local team in the Murray. That means you can get the benefit of both your Let’s Get Care support team, who are ready to answer any questions via phone or email, and your local care team who you have the freedom to hire and schedule. Self-management gives you more choice and control with your aged care at home! 


Samantha Luck

Regional Manager


Kellie Piening

Relationship Manager


Rose Carmody

Senior Care Manager


Tamara Reyes-Pizarro

Care Manager

Learn more about our services and packages.

Learn more about our aged care services in the Murray region.

What are the differences between the Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) and the Home Care Package (HCP)?

The CHSP is for more basic support needs, while HCP offers comprehensive care for more complex needs. CHSP services are typically offered as an entry level service, while the HCP is assigned once your care needs progress and you need more support at home. Both the CHSP and HCP is funded by the Australian Government, the CHSP as subsidised services that you pay a reduced fee out of your pocket for, while the HCP is a package of funding you are assigned to use to spend on care services.

Can I receive domestic assistance services tailored to my individual needs?

Absolutely, our Home Care Package services are all designed to be customised to suit your needs. Our domestic assistance services can include tasks such as cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, and other household chores based on your preferences and requirements. Give us a call today to learn more about how our supports and services work. 

Are all support workers working with you qualified?

Yes, we allow you to choose your own suppliers by offering brokerage services instead of having our own staff. However, a requirement of bringing your own suppliers on with us is they must have an Agreement with us and their own qualifications. We ensure that the support workers who work with us have the necessary qualifications and training to provide safe services to our clients.

Our innovative tools enable you to efficiently manage your Home Care Package.

At Let’s Get Care, we aim to make everything as simple as possible for you. That’s why we offer an innovative online tool that allows you to easily manage your Package. The tool is called Green Pencil and it grants you access to monthly activity reports, invoices, and other relevant financial information. Enjoy excellent service while quickly and conveniently accessing Green Pencil. Here’s what you can see inside: 

These are innovative tools that help you to continue living safely and happily at home.

Book a free tele-consultation.

Want a phone call with our team at a time that suits you? Our free consultation call with a dedicated Care Expert will give you more information about Home Care Packages, different types of aged care and answer any specific questions you have. 

We will listen to your specific care needs and explain the options available to support you to live at home. Interested in specific home care support? Let us know. 

Select a date and time between Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (AEST), that suits you to meet with one of our Care Experts. They will give you a call on the phone within half an hour of the time you select. 

Come along with any questions you have, and we will help guide the way.

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