Introducing myCare

We are always striving to create innovative ways to ensure that our clients are receiving quality and appropriate care. We are excited to introduce you to myCare! myCare is a QR code that clients can place on their fridge. It allows¬† suppliers and care providers to securely access client’s care plan from their home and also send back to Let’s Get Care any incident reports, home safety assessments and general notes. It also is an easy way for clients or their next of kin to access their most up to date care plan and report to us any concerns.

The purpose of myCare is to ensure that everyone who provides clients with care is aware of their goals and is delivering care that is aligned with their clinical needs and personal wishes. It is also an effective way for suppliers and carers to keep us up to date.

How Does It Work?


In the next few weeks, you will receive a QR code via mail. Please place it on your fridge - there is a magnet already placed on the back.


At the beginning of the shift, please ask your supplier to scan the QR code with their phone.


The supplier will be asked to provide some personal information and input a unique 4-digit PIN, which they will receive via text message to their mobile.


They will then be able to view your most up to date care plan.


They will also be able to send to your Care Manager an incident report and provide us with general information about the shift.

If at any stage you want to access the care plan or a family member/friend wants to report a concern, you can also use the QR code for this purpose.

Is This Important To Use?

It ensures that the client’s assessment and care plan informs the delivery of their services in a consistent manner.

It makes certain that the client’s care plan is effectively communicated to those providing their services.

It provides clients, their family, friends and care providers with a more effective means to report and act upon any change in circumstances.

It provides clients with easy access to their most up to date health and care information and empowers clients to share it as appropriate and be in control of their care.

What About Privacy?

Each time someone scans the QR code, they are required to provide personal information including their full name, business name, email and mobile number. They then need to provide a time sensitive PIN to enter. As a result, we can actively monitor usage of the platform and be made aware of any suspicious activity. If you ever become worried about someone who has previously scanned the QR code, let us know and we will issue a new one.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Care Manager or a Let’s Get Care representative on 1300 497 442.

What Does The QR Code Look Like?