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Self-Managed Home Care Packages.

At Let’s Get Care, we're dedicated to making your life easier. We know you want to stay in your own home, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

Our self-managed Home Care Packages are designed with you in mind. You get to call the shots. It's all about what you need, because we believe in personalised care that suits your unique lifestyle.

What is self-management?

Self-management is a concept that puts you in charge of your care. It means having the freedom to make decisions about your support workers, the services you receive, and how your approved Home Care Package Funding is utilised. 

In a self-management model, you become the central figure in your care journey. You have the flexibility to hire and manage your support workers, giving you the ability to select individuals who align with your personality and care requirements. This personalised approach puts you at the forefront of decision-making, ensuring that your care is truly centred around you as a unique and valued person. While self-managing you will still have access to a dedicated Care Manager who will work with you to develop a customised Care Plan that will cover what you would like to spend your package funds on.

Benefits of self-management.

When you choose to self-manage your Home Care Package, you’re taking a proactive step towards having more control over your aged care journey. As your trusted Home Care Package Provider, we want to ensure you understand the advantages of this approach. Here are the key benefits:

What to expect when self-managing your Home Care Package.

As your chosen self-managed Home Care Package Provider we will be there to support you to find the best way to spend your package funds. One of the most crucial decisions people need to make with their Home Care Packages is who they choose to be their Provider. Even if you select a self-managed Home Care Package you are still legally required to choose a Provider to support you with your package. Here’s how self-management works, to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

How much involvement do you want with the day to day management of your Home Care Package? You hire and schedule your care services you want, when it suits you under the self-managed option.
What's the total fee? 18% fee.
Are you comfortable making decisions about support workers? Self-management lets you choose your support worker; where as with fully managed we assign them.
What is Let's Get Care's role as an approved HCP Provider? A dedicated Care Manager will help you with maintaining your budget and create a personalised Care Plan.
Do you want more budget control over your HCP funds? This can reduce fees, while fully-managed options may have more administrative costs.

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Services you can receive when self-managing your package.

Let’s Get Care helps you self-manage your package by creating a personalised plan based on your needs. We provide ongoing support services, whether you’re in a hospital, during respite care, at home, or needing home maintenance, social support, or custom home care services delivered by our trusted carer who pay attention to your needs.

Personal care

Grooming, bathing, dressing, continence and mobility.

Domestic assistance

Tidying and cleaning for a happy home.

Social support

Support and transport to attend appointments, go shopping and attend social functions.

Allied health & therapy

Allied health and therapy services such as physiotherapy, podiatry and more to support your health needs.

Nursing care

Specialised clinical healthcare services to address any health concerns.

Respite care

Assisting family members to take a well deserved break when needed.

Is self-management right for you?

A self-managed Home Care Package offers a unique opportunity to shape your care journey according to your preferences and needs. 

However, before deciding if you want to self-manage your package funding is the right fit, it’s essential to understand its important factors and whether it aligns with your goals and lifestyle. To help you determine if self-management is the right fit for your unique situation, consider the following:

It’s important to assess your readiness and willingness to take on these responsibilities to make the most by self managing your Home Care Package funding. We are here for you to guide you through the home care journey.

We have connections with support workers available across Australia.

Let’s Get Care is your trusted Home Care Package Provider across Australia. Our innovative self-management approach allows us to assist older Australians no matter where you call home. Whether you reside in regional towns or bustling cities, we provide you with the freedom to select and manage your local care team, putting choice and control firmly in your hands.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

With Let’s Get Care you have more choice and control over your home care support. As your trusted home care package provider, we specialise in tailoring support to your unique needs, ensuring you receive the services that matter most. Our dedicated care managers are committed to helping you maintain independence on your terms.

Experience simplicity with our low fixed fee, aligned with hcp funding. We believe in full transparency, so you can enjoy high-quality home care without hidden costs and spend the funding on the support you need.

Let’s Get Care proudly leads the way as the first home care provider in Australia to offer a self-managed option. We stand by your side throughout your home care journey, providing a range of choices that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Your home care, your way, with Let’s Get Care.

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How to set up self-management services.

We’re here assist you in self-managing your Home Care Package, ensuring you receive the support required to continue living safely and happily at home, with the carers of your choice. It’s hassle-free with us.

Step 1

Start by having a chat with one of our Care Experts. Together, we'll explore the options that best align with your unique home care needs and preferences.

Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will organise all the necessary signup documents, which you can conveniently complete online. This streamlined process gets your services up and running as seamless as possible.

Step 3

Now, you're all set to commence your services! Let's Get Care offers you the flexibility to select from our extensive list of exceptional service providers or bring your own trusted carers on board. The choice is yours, and it's as easy as that. Your home care, your way, with Let's Get Care.


Certainly! Self-management doesn’t mean doing it alone. You can involve trusted family members or friends to assist with tasks like paperwork and coordination. Let’s Get Care also provides assistance and a dedicated Care Manager to guide you through the process, ensuring you receive the assistance required while maintaining control over your home care.

Yes, a relative can take on the role of managing your Home Care Package. It’s essential to communicate your preferences and needs clearly. This way, your family member can assist with administrative tasks, and you can enjoy the benefits of self-management.

Deciding if you want to self-manage your Home Care Package involves considering your desire for personalised care, budget control, and selecting your provider. Let’s Get Care’s Care Experts can help you assess whether self-management aligns with your needs, offering guidance and support tailored to your goals and preferences.

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