Transparent and Simple Home Care Package Fees.

Let’s Get Care is unbeatable. We charge a low and transparent combined fees regardless of the package management option you choose.

Get the support you need with no hidden costs.

At Let’s Get Care, we believe in complete transparency and simplicity when it comes to pricing. Navigating the costs of care shouldn’t be a complex experience, which is why we offer transparent costs and fees with nothing hidden. We have no set up fee, no exit fee and no basic daily fee contribution fee.What sets us apart is the power we place in your hands—you get to choose your own services and take more control of your package. Our aim is to provide you with quality care with maximum amount of government subsidy, so you can focus on enjoying life.

Simple and transparent home care services price list.

We broker our services which means you have choice and control in who delivers your care service. Because of this the fees you pay vary depending on who you choose to deliver your service. The exact costs will be negotiated directly between you and your service Provider. With our low fees you have more funds available to pay for the home care services outlined in your Care Plan. The amount of government support you receive will be dependent on your package level.

Level 1 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (15%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $406 $406
Care Management Fees $49 $81
Package Management Fees $12 $61
Funds Available for Support Services $345 $264
Level 2 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (15%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $714 $714
Care Management Fees $86 $143
Package Management Fees $21 $107
Funds Available for Support Services $607 $464
Level 3 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (15%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $1,555 $1,555
Care Management Fees $187 $311
Package Management Fees $47 $233
Funds Available for Support Services $1,321 $1,010
Level 4 Home Care Package Let's Get Care FORTNIGHTLY (15%) Most Providers FORTNIGHTLY (35%)
Government Subsidy Available $2,357 $2,357
Care Management Fees $283 $471
Package Management Fees $71 $353
Funds Available for Support Services $2,003 $1,532

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Understanding fees and funding.

There are various fees associated with Home Care Packages and what you may need to pay can seem confusing. We are committed at Let’s Get Care to being transparent about what you might be eligible to pay and the cost that can be associated with a Home Care Package. Here are some of the common Home Care Packages terminology.

Our Home Care Package Fees

Provider fees.

There can be various fees Providers charge for managing your package. We charge transparent costs of care management fee and package management fee without any additional out of pocket costs like basic daily fee or an exit fee. This means you will have more fees available for services and any unspent funds will be stored for when you need additional support.
What is the Income Tested Fee

Income Tested Care Fee.

An Income Tested Fee is an extra contribution calculated based on your individual income, separate from the standard provider's charge for a Home Care Package. If you are eligible for this cost, you will need to pay it. No Provider can waive it. If you need to pay the Income Tested Fee, this and the government contribution will make up your total assessed package level of funding.

Your funding.

The Australian Government provides different types of financial support to make quality care more accessible for older Australians. These subsidies are designed to enable more people to live longer in their familiar surroundings. Your level of funding will be outlined in your monthly statement from your chosen Provider, as well as any additional cost that has come out of your package.

We provide personalised home care services Australia-wide.

We support clients with customised care delivered by carers in all locations. Regardless of where you live we will support you to receive the care you need. We work closely with our clients and their family to keep them living safely in their own homes. Whether you need a few hours of home care services or additional services around the clock each week, we will allow you to find a dedicated care team local to you with ongoing administration to keep you safe at home.

Services that you can access with your Home Care Package funds.

We offer a variety of home care services within your Home Care Package budget. No matter whether you need household tasks or specialised support, we are here to ensure the smooth delivery of those services to help you live independently at your own home.

Domestic Assistance

Personal care.

Grooming, bathing, dressing, continence and mobility.
Home new

Domestic assistance.

Tidying and cleaning for a happy home.
Social Support

Social support.

Support and transport to attend appointments, go shopping and attend social functions.
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Allied health & therapy.

Allied health and therapy services such as physiotherapy, podiatry and more to support your health needs.

Nursing care.

Specialised clinical healthcare services to address any health concerns.

Respite care.

Assisting family members to take a well deserved break when needed.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We will give you more choice and control to choose who delivers your home care services through your Australian government-approved package.
We charge one low, fixed and transparent fee to support you.
We were Australia’s first self-managed Provider, but we also offer you the option to part and full manage. Whether you have low-level or complex care needs, we have options to help you.

Hear from some of our happy clients!

How to set up care services.

We help you get your in-home aged care services started quickly to ensure you get the support you need to continue living safely and happily at home. With us it’s easy.
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Step 1.

The first step is to speak with one of our Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your care needs.


Step 2.

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the signup documents for you to complete online so you can get your services started as soon as possible.


Step 3.

And you’re ready to get your services started! With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers or bring your own carers onboard.


Each month My Aged Care will send your chosen Approved Provider your monthly government subsidy. Your funding is not paid in a lump sum for the year, but instead as a monthly payment. If you receive a Home Care Package supplement, it will be paid to your Provider each month in addition to your basic subsidy.
If you’re applying for a government-subsidised Home Care Package, an Income Assessment is generally required to determine if you need to pay an Income Tested Fee. The assessment is conducted by the Services Australia. If your income falls below a certain income threshold, you may not need to pay the Income Tested Fee. It’s essential to complete this assessment to ensure you’re paying the correct fees for your Home Care Package.
We charge a low flat fee that covers all the necessary costs and fees to manage your package. It also covers the package and care management fees of your Home Care Package.The care management Fee is a charge for the planning, coordination, and ongoing management of Home Care Packages by a Care Manager, ensuring your individual needs and preferences are met. Package management fee is administration costs for setting up your initial Care Plan, providing monthly statements, annual review and financial reconciliation of your home care budget. You’ll also have access to a Care Manager if you need any help at all, at any time.

This fee is also called a standard resident contribution in aged care legislation. The fee helps to cover the costs of daily living, like meals, cleaning, laundry, heating and cooling. Let’s Get Care doesn’t charge a Basic Daily Fee.

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