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What can Home Care Package funds be used for?

Wondering how Home Care Packages funding can be used to support your in-home care needs? You’re not along and this is one of the most common questions we get as as an Approved Provider.

The Home Care Packages program details specific services and items that are both included and excluded from the package. However the types of services that recipients receive through their Home Care Packages are determined by their specific, documented care needs. Services can change from meal preparation, personal care, cleaning, home maintenance and more. Discovering what services are included in a package is the best place to start, so you can begin to think about the types of support that would help you live happily and safely at home.

How does the Australian government funding work?

Wondering how the funding for Home Care Packages works? To be eligible for a package you will need to have an initial assessment done by My Aged Care to determine if you require home care funding to continue living safely at home. They will ask the types of basic care needs or intermediate care needs you have, and the types of help you need in your home. This could be nursing support, home maintenance, cleaning, help with laundry or a range of other care services. If you are eligible for this financial assistance, you will receive a package once one becomes available which will mean a pool of funding to use towards the services you need at home.

There are different Home Care Package levels you could be eligible for and these levels determine the amount of home care funding available to you. Once you receive your package, you will need to select a Provider to host your funding and support you at home. Different providers will ask you to pay a range of Home Care Package fees, so it’s important to do your research and ask lots of questions to find the right option for you and your ongoing care needs.

Available government-funding for older people.

While we only support clients with Home Care Packages, there is a range of aged care programs that you could be eligible to receive at home.

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) provides entry-level support for older people who need some help to stay at home. Aged care service providers work with them to live independently in their homes and communities. You will need to pay a subsidised hourly rate for specific services that you are eligible for.

Short-Term Restorative Care.

The Short-term restorative care (STRC) Programme provides services to older Australians for up to 8 weeks to help them delay or avoid long-term care. Read about the STRC Programme, including how it's managed, approved provider responsibilities, and how to deliver STRC services.

Transitional Aged Care Programme (TRANSPAC).

This program helps older Australians get back on their feet after a hospital stay. It provides short-term care for up to 12 weeks, including social work, nursing support, personal care and allied health care.

Department of Veteran Affairs and Veterans Home Care Programme.

The Veterans' Home Care (VHC) program gives veterans and their dependents help at home. The VHC program is a low level care program. Clients with complex care needs may need to be referred to other DVA or Australian Government-funded programs.

Private funded care.

Private home health care delivers services in the people’s own home, with costs covered entirely from their income. It's an option when individuals are ineligible for government subsidies, waiting for government funding, or need services beyond their subsidy's coverage. Services encompass personal care, medical assistance, and more.

How to keep track of your funds.

Each month you will receive something called a Monthly Activity Statement. Your Monthly Activity Statement lists the amount of your funds that were spent, and on what, each month. It also shows your income as well as your remaining balance of funds.

At Let’s Get Care we ensure that your Monthly Activity Statement is clear and easy to read to help you have the most visibility possible over your funding.

Our Innovative Accounts Tool: Green Pencil.

One of the main issue package recipients have is knowing how much funding they have available. That’s why we created our accounts tool: Green Pencil. We listened to our clients requests to have more visibility over their funding, and created a tool to give them just that! Through Green Pencil, you’ll be able to view your monthly activity statements, invoices, supplier information and your estimated accounts balance. We’re committed to providing you with a platform that is both safe and secure, as well as convenient.

Choose from a range of services local to you.

There are a wide range of home aged care services that you can access with us. Depending on your unique care needs you will be able to choose the services that best suit your needs.

Personal care

Grooming, bathing, dressing, continence and mobility.

Domestic assistance

Tidying and cleaning for a happy home.

Social support

Support and transport to attend appointments, go shopping and attend social functions.

Allied health & therapy

Allied health and therapy services such as physiotherapy, podiatry and more to support your health needs.

Nursing care

Specialised clinical healthcare services to address any health concerns.

Respite care

Assisting family members to take a well deserved break when needed.

We have quality services local to you, across Australia.

Let’s Get Care is your trusted Home Care Package Provider, supporting clients across Australia. Our innovative approach ensures that older Australians receive exceptional care, regardless of their location.

Whether you live in a regional town or a bustling city, we empower you to access and oversee your local care team, giving you the choice and control you deserve. Your independence is our priority, and we’re here to provide support for you every step of the way.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We give our clients maximum choice and control in the delivery of your care. That’s everything from who delivers your services, to when they visit and even how much they charge. This is just one of the ways we help you get more from your Home Care Package.
We are known for helping clients get up to double the hours of service at home. We do this by charging a low fixed fee and nothing more. Some Home Care Package providers may ask you to pay a basic daily fee. With Let’s Get Care, you won’t be charged any extra fees. This helps you get more from the same funds than you would with another Provider.
We were the first Provider in Australia to offer self-management through the Home Care Packages. We understand how self-management works and can give you the best advice and guidance to do so.

Chat to a Care Expert about your management options.


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How to get started.

We help you get your in-home care services started quickly to ensure you get the support you need to continue living safely and happily at home. With us it’s easy.

Step 1

Begin by discussing your care needs with one of our Care Experts. If you have a new assigned Home Care Package or are looking to switch Providers, we will help you get your package started with us right away; otherwise, we'll give you the highest quality advice on applying for aged care services at home. It’s great to mention the services you’re interested in receiving in this meeting, whether it be the preparation of meals, showering or personal care, this will help us plan out what you need from the get go.

Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the sign up documents for you to complete online so you can get your care services started as soon as possible. Once your sign up is finalised you will be assigned a Care Manager who will prepare your Individual Care Plan and Home Care Package Budget, specified to your unique care needs.

Step 3

And you’re ready to get your services started! With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers or bring your own carers onboard. You will also have the support of dedicated Care Manager and broader care team to help you at home, while you manage the day to day coordination of your package.

FAQs: Home Care Packages explained.

After your assessment, you will receive a letter from My Aged Care (MAC) letting you know the outcome of your assessment. If you are eligible for supports at home you will be approved for a specific level (1,2,3 or 4) and placed in the national queue to wait for a package to be assigned to you.

When you are assigned your package, you will receive another letter indicating your assigned level and an individual referral code. At this time, you’ll need to choose your Provider.

At Let’s Get Care we have the largest list of service providers in Australia which is growing every day. We also don’t lock you into using our own staff at inflated costs, instead we broker our supports nationally. This means you have the freedom to choose and find carers, such as in home nursing assistants right for your situation, local to you.

Book a free tele-consultation.

Want a phone call with our team at a time that suits? Our free consultation call with a dedicated Care Expert will give you more information about Home Care Packages, our different care models, aged care and answer any specific questions you have. Whether you are looking for companionship services, meals, carers, general education or have friends who have mentioned us to you, we will listen to your specific care needs and explain the options available to support you to live at home. 

Interested in specific home care services? Let us know. 

Select a date and time between Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (AEST), that suits you to meet with one of our Care Experts. They will give you a call on the phone within half an hour of the time you select. 

Come along with any questions you have, and we will help guide the way.

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