The Guide to Provider’s Fees

If you want to make the right choice for your Approved Provider you need to consider fees.  Fees can differ wildly between traditional Approved Providers and are, by a country mile, the biggest source of complaints from consumers when it comes to Home Care Packages.  This is for good reason too. Traditional Approved Providers have been known to be, ahem, ‘creative’ in their fees.  Ultimately the more you pay in fees the less of your package funds will be available for care services.

The good news is that you now have this handy guide. It will equip you to successfully sidestep choosing the wrong traditional Approved Provider by highlighting the common tricks used that eat up your Home Care Package funds.

Fee Trick #1 – Zero or almost no ongoing fees with a big Set-Up or a Membership Fee

Be wary of traditional Approved Providers that charge almost no, or minimal, case management or administrative fees if they also charge a big initial membership or set-up fee.  If you take this route, a large portion of your funds will be used upfront and not much will be leftover for your care services.  As individuals will have lost so much upfront they may be reluctant to change their Approved Provider even if they’re unhappy.

At Let’s Get Care there are no set-up or membership fees. Our low fixed fee is pay as you go and you’ll never feel locked in.

Fee Trick #2 – Extra charges for using a personal carer, or care services, of your own choosing.

You must question any traditional Approved Provider that places a surcharge on care services that are not fulfilled by their network or staff.  In our humble opinion this practice is ridiculous and a sure-fire way to drain your package of funding to the benefit of your traditional Approved Provider.

You may wonder why any Approved Provider would charge this fee.  It’s simple.  They have a built in margin and make a profit when you use their staff and care services.  If they contract out your care services they can also sneakily have a financial agreement with whomever fulfils that service on their behalf.

At Let’s Get Care you always get to use whichever personal carer and care services you want without paying extra to do so.

Fee Trick #3 – Exit Fees

Exit fees, designed make you think twice about leaving your traditional Approved Provider, can be very high. That being said we don’t think any Exit Fee is justifiable.  There’s a well known traditional Approved Provider that charges a whopping $5,000 Exit Fee! Anyone would think twice about switching if they had to pay that!

Always check to see if there is an Exit Fee before signing with any traditional Approved Provider.

You’re probably wondering if Let’s Get Care has one.  We don’t and we never will!

Fee Trick #4 – Low Case Management and Administrative Fees

On the surface low case management and administrative fees sounds like the Home Care Package dream.  It would be too if it weren’t usually coupled with the stipulation that it is mandatory to only use certain carers and care services which can come at shockingly high hourly rate.

At Let’s Get Care we have an incredibly low flat fee to cover the mandatory government compliance and financial reconciliation for your Home Care Package.   With us you can use whomever you want to fulfil your care services.