The Guide to Switching to Let’s Get Care

Switching your Home Care Package to Let’s Get Care Self-Managed Packages could possibly be one of the best decisions you ever make! It can be life changing.

Here’s why:

  • You’ll maximize the Home Care Package funds available for your care services.
  • Ongoing mandatory government compliance and financial reconciliation of your Home Care Package will be sorted by us while you enjoy your care services.
  • You’ll have an incredibly low fixed fee, no hidden fees, no set-up and no exit fee.
  • You’ll have access to care services at market rates which can be significantly lower than the hourly fees set by some individual Approved Home Care Package Providers.
  • You’re 100% in control of the personal carers and services you use.  You can schedule them for when you need them.  You’re also not locked into using staff and care services which can be the case with traditional Approved Providers.
  • With Let’s Get Care you will have access to Care Management Support if and when you need it.  The difference to traditional Approved Providers is that with Let’s Get Care you pay for support when you require it instead of monthly at a fixed ongoing rate when you may not need it at all!

It’s easy as pie to make the switch to Let’s Get care with these 5 steps:

  1. Speak with one of our Care Specialists to discuss your unique situation on 1300 xxx. We can help you determine if switching your Home Care Package is the right move for you.  It often is but in some cases it may not be the right solution.
  2. Obtain your Referral Code from My Aged Care so that we can complete your switch to Let’s Get Care. We’ll help you with this.
  3. Tell you current Approved Home Care Package Provider that you will move your package to Let’s Get Care and agree on a date to transfer.  Let’s Get Care will work with you, and your existing Approved Provider, to create a seamless transition.  If you want to keep your existing carers and care services we can help with that too.
  4. One of our Care Managers will set a time to meet you in person. During this meeting we’ll discuss what is important to you and how we can best support you with your Care Plan.
  5. Set-up your services and start receiving care!
1300 497 442