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After researching many My Aged Care Providers, I signed up my husband in October 2018 with Let’s Get Care. We are using our own domestic yard maintenance man whom we have had for quite a few years with a very quick payment for what has been charged. This is such an efficient system and receive quick communication from the team at any time we have questions regarding what services we can use. I would happily recommend Let’s Get Care to anybody who needs this service as it will save the huge fees that the other providers charge.

Carol Williams


I couldn’t be more happier and grateful for finding this fantastic service provider (let’s get care & better living) as they put the interest of the client first. All friendly staff and will go out of their way to help and accommodate the needs. Also the rate charged is simple and straightforward, no hidden costs or fees. They tick all the boxes. Well deserved to all👌
I have three family members signed up with them.

Violette Bero


Let’s get care have been very good to work with. My coordinators Margaret and Anne have always been incredibly helpful. No matter who you speak with at Lets get care nothing is ever too much to ask. I am very pleased with this service.



The staff at Let’s Get Care are fantastic! They show a consistent amount of care, kindness and support with assisting you in each process of the Home Care Package program. Having been with Let’s Get Care made things possible for our grandmother and we felt like we were being looked after each step of the way. Thank you to all of the staff at Let’s Get Care, that made being with this Aged Care provider, 5 stars!

Nadia Martin


Explained Self Managed Funding option to save on fees. Exceptional payments to service providers. Communication regarding invoices, funding available and any changes is excellent. Professional , compassionate, understanding and patient service. Highly recommend.


Ann Schipp


A huge improvement on mums last service providers, Let’s Get Care take care of everything in a timely manner, great communication and easy to understand account system. And their rates are far far less than their competitors. Best decision we have ever made moving to Let’s Get Care.

Susan Mcinnes


Let’s Get Care has always given me prompt, professional and friendly service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to family and friends.



Let’s get Care enabled us to have 7 days a week of care for Mum. The company prior only gave us half that in the same package and with many more restrictions and difficulties and a lower quality of care. They not only make better sense money wise, their service is superb.

Tascha Lavery


I initially searched far and wide for a suitable provider. Lets Get Care [LGC] was not on my original list, nor was the self-management option because I was not aware at the time that you could self-manage. Finding LGC was an accident and the self-management option was suggested by Better Living, LGC’s parent Company. I was immediately drawn to the idea and the friendly staff [thank you Ann O] provided all the incentive I needed. So many options, so much more funding to use for care services and not used up in fees. It is a sham that there is no cap on the fees Providers can charge, yet LGC have found a way to incentivise clients to help themselves, and at the same time get so much more from their HCP. Well done LGC… I highly recommend LGC to any prospective HCP recipient.

Ian Bleys


My mum had been with many service providers who were changing enormous amount for service we didn’t feel we were getting and the last one we were with changed the case manager approx every month because they left. So in Nov 2018 mum and i decided to try self management with let’s get care (via mable who provided lets get cares details). We meet with the account manger and signed up there and then and was told that we could claim for just about anything (which we did) i was able to contact providers and organise carers – who never knew we had an aged care package (i never used mable the online platform but probably would have gotten around to it) every time i called our case manager at let’s get care with a question/query they were able to answer them quickly and precisely. Reimbursement of paid invoices was quick enough and if we did have queries about our account/invoices they answered very quickly. I would highly recommend self management of your aged care package you have more control and respect from service providers of carers and let get care were very supportive of us spending mums package the way she wanted or needed. Thanks let get care you made life so much easier.

Sallie Davis


Excellent service. Prompt and diligent attention to our carers.

Annette Phinn


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