Secret Self Managed

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Pssst! Want to know the big secret to getting the most from your Package? Self manage it.

While many people have their package fully managed by their Provider, there is another way. You can self manage your Home Care Package which can help you maximize the value.  A lot of people don’t know this is even an option!

Up until regulatory changes in February 2017 the norm was to have your Home Care Provider fully manage your package on your behalf.  Under full management a Provider creates a client’s care plan then hires, schedules and coordinates the necessary services on an ongoing basis as well as look after government compliance.  Fees for a fully managed service can be up to 50% of the Home Care Package, which means reduced funds available for actual care. While costly, full management can be necessary for individuals that are not able to, or who do not want to, oversee their own Home Care Package services.

The alternative to full management is self-management and it is becoming an increasingly popular option. Self-managing your package will cut your fees significantly and increase funds for your actual care.  Your Provider will still set up your Care Plan and ensure compliance but you will take over the hiring, scheduling and coordinating of your care services on a day-to-day basis.

Here are the four main benefits of self-managing your Home Care Package:

  • You can handpick your carers and service providers yourself;
  • It can often be easier to organise services directly with your carers and service providers rather than going through your Provider.  This is especially true if your current Provider is not particularly responsive.
  • With self-management you’ll pay substantially less in fees from your package. This can dramatically increase the amount of funds available for care.
  • You’re not limited to hiring carers and services from your host agency.

Self-management is a great option but it is not for everyone.  To work well you’ll need to be in a position to oversee the daily management of services or have someone close that can look after this for you.