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Gutter Cleaning Services for Older Australians.

At Let's Get Care, we understand that true home care goes beyond just providing the basics. It means creating an environment where every aspect of your home is safe, comfortable and well-maintained. That's why we are proud to offer a comprehensive Home Care Package that includes a range of services, including cleaning gutters. We ensure that your home support program truly covers the tasks required to improve your life at home.

What’s included in our gutter cleaning services?

At Let’s Get Care you have choice in the services provided through your Home Care Package. That means you will search for who you would like to provide your servicing through your package, the services you would like to receive and when to receive them. 

With gutter cleaning services, this means you will find the people who supply the service, decide how the service will be provided and in the event that your needs are changing, make changes to your services. You get more choice and control with us. 

Home assist cleaning gutters services you could receive:

What is eligibility for these types of services?

We deeply understand the services tailored to your needs. With Let’s Get Care, you don’t need to worry about cleaning your gutters, as we are committed to making your home environment safer and more comfortable. You must be assessed and have received your Home Care Package, to be eligible. 

We help with household tasks in every location across Australia.

We support every client with customised care directed by a detailed care plan in all locations. You can choose from a wide range of home care service providers in your local community. Regardless of where you live, we will support you to receive the care you need. Whether you need help with lawn mowing, light gardening, installation of safety tools, windows cleaned, meal preparation or other services, we work with you to ensure your services match your needs. We make note of your needs in your Care Plan, and provide you with information customised to helping you live better at home. 

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We give our clients maximum choice and control in the delivery of your care. That’s everything from who delivers your services, to when they visit and even how much they charge. This is just one of the ways we help you get more from your package. 

We are known for helping clients get double the hours of service at home. We do this by charging a low fixed fee and nothing more, this helps you get more from the same funding than you would with another Provider. 

We were the first Provider in Australia to offer self-management through the Package. We understand how self-management works and have years of experience helping elderly people with the best advice and guidance to do so. 

Our pricing.

We charge low and transparent combined fees and are passionate about helping you get more from your Home Care Package with us. Your Home Care Package level will determine the funds you have available to spend on the home care services you need at home. Regardless of which level of funding you have, we charge no hidden fees including the basic daily fee. We help you get more from your funding. If you aren’t sure about your eligibility, or are yet to apply for a Home Care Package, read through our website or give us a call for more information. 

A Level 1 package is designed to support older Australians with basic home care needs. It is the lowest level of funding you can apply for through a Home Care Package.  

A Level 2 Home Care Package supports those individuals with low-level care needs to get support from aged care services at home. 

A Level 3 Home Care Package supports those with intermediate care needs to live better lives at home. Your funds will be used to spend on the care services you need at home. 

Level 4 is the highest level of Home Care Packages funding and is there to support those older people with high care needs. Your Home Care Package budget on a Level 4 will have over $50,000 per year to go towards the Home Care Package fees of the Provider you choose, as well as your support and services. 

Chat with a Care Expert to find out about care services in your area.


Learn more about gutter cleaning services.

Discover Let’s Get Care’s gutter cleaning services for older Australians. This is a crucial maintenance service for many people through their Home Care Package. It can sometimes be in conjunction with garden services. 

When to consider gutter cleaning?

Considering the need for gutter cleaning typically involves the spring and autumn seasons when clearing accumulated leaves and debris from the garden is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the drainage system. Furthermore, if your area experiences frequent rainy seasons or has a significant presence of trees, regular inspections and gutter cleaning become a vital means of protecting your home from water damage.

How we help people with gutter cleaning.

At Let’s Get Care, we assist older Australians with gutter cleaning by providing professional and certified workers who specialise in this service. Our team will conduct a gutter cleanliness assessment after the service to ensure a thorough cleaning, preventing water damage to your home. We customise our services based on your specific needs and schedule, making the process convenient and worry-free for you. We prioritise safety and efficient cleaning, ensuring your home remains comfortable and well-maintained.

Scheduling supports gutter cleaning.

Scheduling support for gutter cleaning is simple with Let’s Get Care. You can contact us to discuss your gutter cleaning needs and preferences. We will work with you to find a convenient time and frequency for the service, ensuring easy access to our services when you need them, and serving various communities. We will accommodate your schedule to ensure your gutters stay in optimal condition.

How this support service works.

Our gutter cleaning support service begins with an assessment and discussion to understand your specific requirements and the frequency of cleaning you prefer. We then schedule certified professionals to visit your home at the agreed-upon time. They will conduct a comprehensive gutter inspection, remove debris, and ensure the gutters are clear and functioning correctly. If any issues or repairs are needed, our team will address them. 

Benefits of gutter cleaning:

Other domestic services for older Australians.

Through our personalised domestic services, we tailor our services to your unique Care Plan. This approach empowers you to maintain your independence while ensuring the comfort of your own home. Explore the home maintenance and other domestic services available to help you safely live in your own homes.

How to set up care services.

We make it easy for our clients to receive maximum value from their Home Care Package as well as have control over the delivery of their care services. See our simple 3 steps below:

Step 1

Speak with one of our friendly Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your needs. Our Care Experts will arrange the sign-up documents for you to complete online. If you have a Home Care Package, you can get started right away, if you are yet to apply or on the Commonwealth Home Support Program give our team a call and we can help.

Step 2

Once your sign-up is finalised you will be assigned a Care Manager who will prepare your Individual Care Plan and Budget, specified to your unique care needs.

Step 3

With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers or bring your own people onboard. You get more choice and control, and innovative tools to help you live a better life at home.


We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the home care journey. We know it can be confusing, but we hope this helps to explain some of the most commonly confusing topics. 

Gutter cleaning is essential to prevent water damage to your home, as it ensures rainwater flows properly. Neglecting this maintenance can lead to structural damage, basement flooding, and the formation of ice dams on your roof. Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your gutters and preserves your home’s safety. 

Gutters should typically be cleaned at least twice a year, usually in the spring and fall, to remove debris and prevent water damage. The exact frequency can vary based on factors like the presence of trees and heavy rainfall in your area. Homes with more foliage or significant rainfall may require quarterly cleanings. It’s crucial to regularly inspect your gutters for clogs and damage to ensure they function correctly. Tailoring your cleaning schedule to your specific circumstances and local weather patterns is essential for optimal gutter maintenance.

Cleaning your gutters yourself is possible, but it requires some important considerations. Working at heights can be physically demanding and potentially dangerous, so ensure you have the necessary equipment and safety precautions in place. Additionally, the task may be time and labour-intensive to complete thoroughly. If you feel uncomfortable with these aspects or have a multi-story home, try to contact Let’s Get Care at 1300 497 442, where eligible professionals are available to provide services for you.

The cost of gutter cleaning varies based on factors like home size and cleaning extent. Larger homes may incur higher costs due to more gutters. The specific cleaning requirements, such as removing heavy debris or minor repairs, can influence the overall cost. The frequency of cleaning also plays a role. 

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