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Lawn Mowing for Older People.

Many older Australians require garden maintenance through their Home Care Package, not only to keep their garden looking beautiful, but to ensure they are safe at home. Gardening services are a type of home maintenance that can ensure that you are able to navigate your yard and garden safely as you get older. With Let’s Get Care, if gardening services are aligned to your care needs and lifestyle, you can source your own qualified workers to help complete your garden work to your standards. Meaning from your grass to your hedges you are happy and safe and take pride and joy in your surroundings.

What’s included in our lawn mowing services?

Wondering what help is included through our lawn maintenance services? Our comprehensive approach covers detailed inspections, precision mowing, and expert advice to ensure a healthy, vibrant lawn. You will choose your own qualified contractors or choose from our trusted suppliers, to help with your gardening services. You can afford these services through the help of your Home Care Package funds, as long as they are in line with your care needs. 

What you can receive with these services:

Who it's for.

Lawn mowing services from Let’s Get Care are designed to assist the needs of various individuals and groups, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a well-maintained outdoor space. Our lawn mowing services are particularly beneficial for the following:

We provide nationwide lawn maintenance services.

We offer personalised lawn care services guided by a comprehensive plan in different regions. You can choose from a variety of local support workers in your community. Whether you’re in an urban or rural area, we’re dedicated to helping you receive the care you need. Additionally, we can assist in tasks like cleaning gutters, trimming hedges, window cleaning, and checking and replacing smoke alarm batteries to enhance home safety, depending on your care needs. 

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We offer flexibility in care delivery, allowing you to choose who delivers your services, the schedule, and the costs, maximising the benefits of your package.

We enable our clients to receive more home care services by charging low fixed fees.

As pioneers in Australia’s Home Care Packages, we offer unrivalled expertise in self-management. We provide tailored guidance and flexible solutions to adapt to your evolving care requirements.

Our pricing.

At Let’s Get Care, we prioritise transparency, charging a flat 18% rate with no hidden fees. We empower you to maximise your Home Care Package subsidies, offering unbeatable value with our low and transparent fee structure. Another way we offer you value is through letting you choose who provides your gardening services. Meaning you can search your community to get quotes for your garden and choose the company you trust to do the best job at the best price. Your garden, your choice. 

Designed for those with low care needs, providing essential support to help individuals maintain independence at home.

Offers a moderate level of support and services, catering to individuals with increasing care needs, focusing on enhancing well-being and comfort at home.

Tailored to support clients with intermediate care needs, providing comprehensive assistance to ensure their well-being.

The highest level of Home Care Package support is specifically designed to meet complex care requirements and provide extensive assistance for individuals with advanced needs, ensuring comprehensive and personalised assistance.

Chat with a Care Expert to find out about care services in your area.


Learn more about lawn care.

Discover Let’s Get Care’s specialised lawns mowing services for older Australians. Experience the perfect blend of functionality and personalised care as we tailor our gardening solutions to meet your unique preferences, ensuring a well-maintained and inviting outdoor space.

When to schedule lawn mowing.

The scheduling of lawn mowing can be tailored to your preferences and the specific needs of your lawn. Typically, it is advisable to schedule mowing sessions regularly, especially during the growing seasons of spring and summer. You have the choice in when you receive your services and who delivers them. 

How we assist mowing.

At Let’s Get Care, we provide comprehensive assistance with lawn mowing. Our trained professionals handle all aspects of the mowing process, from equipment setup to the actual mowing. We ensure a thorough and efficient job, allowing you to enjoy a well-maintained lawn without the hassle.

Scheduling lawn mowing assistance.

Scheduling lawn mowing assistance is a simple process with Let’s Get Care. You can contact us to discuss your lawn care needs and preferences. We work collaboratively to find a convenient schedule that aligns with your routine, ensuring that your own lawn stays in optimal condition.

How this support service works.

Our lawn mowing support service begins with a consultation to understand your specific lawn care requirements and preferred frequency. Once we have the details, you can choose who your would like to deliver the service. You will select certified professionals to visit your property at agreed-upon times and once they have an agreement in place with us they can get started. They handle all aspects of lawn mowing, including inspection, operating the lawn mower, and cleanup.

Benefits of regular lawn mowing:

Other domestic services for older Australians.

Through our personalised domestic services, we tailor our services to your unique Care Plan. This approach empowers you to maintain your independence while ensuring the comfort of your own home.

How to get started with us.

We enable clients to easily access lawn mowing services through their Home Care Packages and oversee the delivery of their care services. Please see the simple 3 steps below:

Step 1

Speak with one of our friendly Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your needs. Our Care Experts will arrange the sign-up documents for you to complete online.

Step 2

Once your sign-up is finalised you will be assigned a Care Manager who will prepare your Individual Care Plan and Budget, specified to your unique care needs.

Step 3

With Let’s Get Care you can choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers, or bring your people onboard. We help you get the services you need to live a better life at home.


We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to guide you through the home care journey. We know it can be confusing, but we hope this helps to explain some of the most commonly confusing topics. 

The frequency of lawn mowing depends on your specific needs and preferences. At Let’s Get Care, we work with you to establish a schedule that suits your requirements.

This depends on the company you choose to deliver this service. With Let’s Get Care we empower you to select your own choice of supplier to deliver your services at home, meaning the price depends on the company you select. This gives you peace of mind, knowing you can negotiate a reasonable price. 

After you sign up with us, you can simply contact our team or your Care Manager to discuss your lawn care needs. We will work together to see if this fits in your Care Plan and Budget. If approved you will source a supplier to complete the work. 

Yes, we understand that the need for lawn mowing may vary with seasons or personal preferences. At Let’s Get Care, we prioritise flexibility in our services. You have the option to adjust the frequency of lawn mowing sessions according to changing circumstances or evolving requirements.

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