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Catheter change at home.

At Let’s Get Care, we understand how important a properly functioning catheter is to your overall health and well-being. Whether it's routine checkups, catheter care education, or coordination with a healthcare provider, we provide access to professional and personalised services to improve the quality of your life at home.

What’s included in our urinary catheter care services?

We will work with you to connect with a team of skilled professionals to provide catheter care. Whether you need a catheter insertion or want to prevent complications, with Let’s Get Care you can find experts who are trained in urinary catheter support and have extensive experience managing catheter-related issues.

Services you could be eligible for:

Who is eligible for urinary catheter care?

For individuals with a Home Care Package, we can provide access to catheter monitoring services for the following situations:

Access catheter monitoring services Australiawide.

Let’s Get Care provides catheter care services all across Australia. Whether you live in the city centre or a rural setting, our team will work with you to connect with professional, experienced suppliers. Whether you need a replacement catheter bag, have problems with urinary incontinence, or bladder stones, or have just been discharged from the hospital and need help at home, you can find professionals who provide comprehensive catheter monitoring services to ensure your comfort and health.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We provide you with the freedom of choice and control. Allowing you to have your own preferred carers visit you at your selected time.
We charge one low, fixed and transparent fee to support you.
We are Australia’s first self-managed Home Care Package Provider and have the expertise to help you get more support at home.

Our pricing.

We only charge for a simple flat rate with no hidden costs. The full cost of your care with us is unbeatable when you look at both our low and transparent fees and the market rates you can hire your care workers.
This provides basic support and assistance for individuals with low care needs.
Offers a moderate level of support for individuals with increasing care needs.
This level of funding supports clients with intermediate needs.
This is the highest level of Home Care Package support.

Chat with a Care Expert to find out about services in your area.


Learn more about our catheter monitoring services.

When to consider catheter monitoring assistance.

If you or a loved one is using a new catheter, has a long-term catheter, is self-catheterising to confirm complete emptying of the bladder, or is medically unable to effectively self-monitor, you should consider using a catheter monitoring aid.

How we support your catheter monitoring.

A carer can help you with daily activities such as bathing, eating, and toileting. They may also monitor the urinary catheters closely and identify problems at an early stage to prevent infection, complications or deterioration.

Scheduling this service with us.

With Let’s Get Care everything is easy. Once you sign up with us, your Care Manager will give you access to our list of suppliers, and you will be able to source the most suitable carer who understands your specific situation and requirements.

How do we operate this assistance?

After you sign up with us, your Care Manager will create a personalised Care Plan for you, ensuring that carers provide the necessary services according to your needs. Your Care Manager will ensure that you receive catheter monitoring services with dignity and comfort.

Benefits of catheter monitoring:

Our care goes beyond catheter monitoring.

No matter your care needs, Let’s Get Care provides access to a range of excellent services. Our goal is to provide each client with personalised service and support no matter their needs.

How to set up care services.

Step 1

The first step is to talk to one of our Care Experts and we will discuss which option best suits your care needs.

Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the signup documents for you to complete online so you can get your services started asap.

Step 3

And you’re ready to get your support started! With Let’s Get Care you can choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers in your community or bring your own carer onboard.


We will provide it based on your specific medical condition and needs outlined in your Care Plan. The frequency of these services may vary from daily monitoring to periodic checkups based on the recommendations of your healthcare professional and your Care.

A catheter is typically inserted by nurses using specialised medical equipment and techniques. First, a trained nurse applies anaesthetic gel to numb the area where the catheter enters the urethra. Then, the catheter is carefully inserted into the urethra and advanced until it reaches the bladder, which usually takes about three quarters of its length. Once in the bladder, a balloon at the end of the catheter is inflated to secure it in place and prevent leakage.

Careers are trained to provide various types of personal care, including tasks related to catheter management, such as using sterile water, handling the bag attached to the catheter, insertion of a new catheter, and ensuring proper wash procedures.
It includes urinary tract infections, bladder or urethral irritation, tissue damage, blockage, and bloodstream infections (for vascular catheters). Therefore, we recommend appropriate catheter care and hygiene, as well as catheter monitoring, to help reduce these risks.

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