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In Home Respite Care.

Respite care is a very common home care service and can be a crucial support for both the older person receiving the care and their primary carer. Caring roles can be rewarding but also at times difficult, and so it’s important to have periods of rest to avoid burnout and look after both your loved one and yourself.

We provide respite care for a longer period or shorter period depending on you or the person you care for’s needs. Certain respite options can be paid for through your Home Care Package if aligned with your tailored care plan and your specific health needs.

You don’t need to go into an aged care home or receive residential respite to receive this type of service, there all lots of different types of respite that might better suit your needs, that takes care of both you and your loved one.

However with our unique model, you can also choose the home care and personal care services you access and ensure that they meet both your personal and medical needs.

Why choose Let’s Get Care.

Choice in who delivers your in home respite care.

Experienced team who are.

Dedicated Care Manager to listen to your own needs and support them.

Have your care delivered in a safe environment, delivered by an experienced professional.

Experience supporting clients with Australian government funding.

Support both our clients and their carers.

About In Home Respite Care.

In home respite care provides a temporary and much-needed break for primary carers or family members of home care package recipients. Professional caregivers step in to ensure continuous care and support, allowing caregivers to recharge and tend to their own needs. This service enhances the overall well-being of both caregivers and recipients, fostering a balanced and sustainable caregiving arrangement.

How do you receive respite care services with us?

What are types of respite care services?

Respite care services encompass various forms of temporary assistance to provide relief for primary caregivers. These include:

Short Term Respite

Short-term respite care offers carers a brief break from their responsibilities by arranging temporary professional care and support for their loved one, ensuring they can recharge and take care of themselves.

Long Term Respite

Provides carers with ongoing, scheduled breaks by organising regular professional staff to care for their family member, enabling them to maintain their wellbeing and continue their caring role over an extended period.

Emergency Respite Services

Immediate, temporary care for a family member when the carer faces unexpected situations or needs urgent time off under short notice.

Overnight Respite

Offers carers a period of rest by providing trained professionals to care for their family member during the night.

Meet our team of Respite Care Professionals local to you.

We give our clients and their family the choice to choose the supports that are delivered in your local area to support you at home. Regardless of where you live in Australia, there are respite care services available for you, and you have the ability to choose the support and home care services you need to support your independent living. Whether you need a small break for a short period or longer more consistent support our team can help you find the right support in your location.

How to set up your care.

Step 1

The first step is to speak with one of our Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your care needs. They can give you a free assessment of your needs and figure out the best solution for you. If you haven’t already received your Home Care Package or had an appointment with the aged care assessment team, that’s okay we can still give you more information about how to get started.

Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the sign up documents for you to complete online so you can get your care services started as soon as possible. Once your sign up is finalised you will be assigned a Care Manager who will prepare your Individual Care Plan and Home Care Package Budget, specified to your unique care needs. If you need in-home respite services to give your loved one a break from providing 24/7 care, this will be included on your Care Plan.

Step 3

And you’re ready to get your services started! With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers, or bring your own carers onboard. Depending on whether you self, part or full manage you will either set up services yourself or a dedicated Care Manager will do this for you to keep you independent and improve your wellbeing. You will get better home help with us.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We will give you more choice and control to choose who delivers your care through your Home Care Package.
We charge one low, fixed and transparent fee to support you.
We have connections to your community through our dedicated care partners and clients. But we give you the choice to choose who provides your aged care supports.

Technology to support you at home.

At Let’s Get Care we empower you and your loved ones to best manage your Home Care Package and we have tools to support you to do so. Our technology is made for you as an older person and helps you to remain living in your own house and to live better at home.

These are innovative tools that help you to continue living safely and happily at home.


Our pricing.

Our pricing is simply and transparent and helps you get more support at home, regardless of your care needs. We help our clients get more hours of care, from self, to part, to full-management. We ensure you have the best option of care for you with the best pricing.
This provides basic support and assistance for individuals with low care needs to help them remain independent at home.
Offers a moderate level of support and services for individuals with increasing care needs, focusing on enhancing their well-being and comfort at home.
This level of funding supports clients with intermediate needs.
This is the highest level of Home Care Package support.

What's included in the 18% combined fee?

Regardless of your package management option, the fee we charge is low and helps you receive more hours of aged care. Our combined fee for package and care management is transparent and clear so with us you have full view of your available funding.
How much involvement do you want with the day to day management of your Home Care Package? You do all the leg work and hire and schedule your care and support services you want, when it suits you. We set up your care and support services. And from there you take on the day to day coordination. Full support from a Care Manager who sets everything up and is responsible for the day to day coordination. We do it all for you with dedicated support from a local Care Manager. You also get face to face visits.
What's the total fee? 18% 22% 26% 28%
Care Manager?
Choice in who delivers your care services?
Access to our clinical team?
Access to our online accounts portal?
Client Newsletter?
Set up of all your initial care services?
Day to day coordination of your care services?
Access to online events to meet your community?
Access to our direct services workers?
We are local to you?
Home visits from your Care Manager?
Approx hours to set aside each week to successfully manage your Home Care Package? 7 hours 3 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
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Chat with a care expert to find out about in home care in your area.


We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through the home care package process. We know it can be confusing, but we hope this helps to explain some of the most commonly confusing topics.


  • You’ll have access to specific supports and there isn’t much flexibility.
  • You pay a subsidised rate from your own pocket, for the supports you use.


  • You get an amount of funding that you can use for whatever services you require so long as they are within government guidelines and in line with your Care Plan.
  • Once you have a package, it is yours until you no longer require it.
  • You get to choose the services you would like to use – based on your unique situation.

It depends on what type of respite you are looking for e.g. in home respite or residential respite care, the hours of care you are needing and what week you are needing the services. Depending on which Provider you choose the pricing will be different. Many Providers have their own staff who deliver your care, whereas we broker our services and give you the ability to choose who delivers your care, when they visit and at what rate. You are welcome to call us for more information.

When you are assigned your package, you will receive another letter indicating your assigned level and an individual referral code. At this time, you’ll need to choose your Provider.

At Let’s Get Care we have the largest list of service providers in Australia which is growing every day. We also don’t lock you into using our own staff at inflated costs, instead we broker our services nationally. This means you have the freedom to choose and find carers, such as in home nursing assistants right for your situation, local to you.

Book a free tele-consultation.

Want a phone call with our team at a time that suits? Our free consultation call with a dedicated Care Expert will give you more information about Home Care Packages, our different care models, aged care and answer any specific questions you have.

We will listen to your specific care needs and explain the options available to support you to live at home. Interested in specific home care services? Let us know.

Select a date and time between Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (AEST), that suits you to meet with one of our Care Experts. They will give you a call on the phone within half an hour of the time you select.

Come along with any questions you have, and we will help guide the way.

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