Social support services for elderly Australians.

We support clients to receive services through their government funded home care packages. Social support services for older people cover those services that help you improve and maintain your social connections and reduce social isolation for older people.

They are designed to use your funding to meet documented health needs for social services and programs to help keep you connect, speak and visit with friends or other members of the community.

Why choose Let’s Get Care.

We support you to choose how you access home care services and who provides that assistance to you.

Connection to community.

We offer a range of services and social support to meet your unique needs.

Supporting seniors health and wellbeing.

Your support can be delivered by a team you trust in your local community, at a time that suits you.

Assistance to find people or groups to talk with to stay connected.

About Social Support services.

These services are designed to keep you connected and and supported by your local community. Older people are often more prone to isolation, so these types of services keep you connected to reduce the risks that come with loneliness.

How you receive social support services with us.

Our social support services.

Some of the aged care services that are designed to maintain your wellbeing are eligible within Home Care Package funding include:

Companionship Services

Companionship Services

Supporting you through a visit at home or back out into the community.
Appointment Transportation

Appointment Transportation

Wherever you are in Australia, we can support you with transportation to appointments and a visit to your medical health professional.
Support Worker

Support Worker

Assistance from an aged care support worker to visit family, friends or your community. This can be funded by your funding if the service is included in your care plan.
Social Activities

Social Activities

Helping you attend a range of social activities with your friends or family.
Social Transport and Errand Running

Social Transport and Errand Running

Helping you get out and about to with your community or fulfil errands. This can be funded by your package if the service is included in your Care Plan.

Our Locations.

We support clients all across Australia and have clients and care partners local to you. We have care services across the country and support our clients to access the program and home care services that best suit them. Our local service helps you stay independent with family and friends at home.

How to set up your social support services.

We help you get your social support started quickly to ensure you get the support you need to continue living safely and happily at home, delivered by the carers you choose. With us it’s easy.

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Step 1

The first step is to speak with one of our Care Experts and we will discuss which option will best suit you and your care needs.


Step 2

Our friendly Care Experts will arrange the signup documents for you to complete online so you can get your services started as soon as possible.


Step 3

And you’re ready to get your services started! With Let’s Get Care you have the ability to choose from our huge list of amazing service suppliers or bring your own carers onboard.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

We will give you more choice and control to choose who delivers your care through your Home Care Package.
We charge one low, fixed and transparent fee to support you.
We have connections to your community through our dedicated care partners and clients. But we give you the choice to choose who provides your aged care supports.
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Innovative technology to help you at home.

We have tools to help you manage your package, including:

These are innovative tools that help you to continue living safely and happily at home with your community. We have customised these tools to best support your needs and help those eligible for a Home Care Package to stay at home safely, for longer.

Our tools are unique to our offering and we are sure you will love them!

Our tools


Our pricing.

Our pricing is simply and transparent and helps you get more support at home, regardless of your care needs. We help our clients get more hours of care, from self, to part, to full-management. We ensure you have the best option of care for you with the best pricing.
This provides basic support and assistance for individuals with low care needs to help them remain independent at home.
Offers a moderate level of support and services for individuals with increasing care needs, focusing on enhancing their well-being and comfort at home.
This level of funding supports clients with intermediate needs.
This is the highest level of Home Care Package support.

What's included in our low combined fee.

We charge one low flat fee from your government funded package to help you to continue living safely and happily in your own home.

How much involvement do you want with the day to day management of your Home Care Package? You do all the leg work and hire and schedule your care and support services you want, when it suits you. We set up your care and support services. And from there you take on the day to day coordination. Full support from a Care Manager who sets everything up and is responsible for the day to day coordination. We do it all for you with dedicated support from a local Care Manager. You also get face to face visits.
What's the total fee? 18% 22% 26% 28%
Care Manager?
Choice in who delivers your care services?
Access to our clinical team?
Access to our online accounts portal?
Client Newsletter?
Set up of all your initial care services?
Day to day coordination of your care services?
Access to online events to meet your community?
Access to our direct services workers?
We are local to you?
Home visits from your Care Manager?
Approx hours to set aside each week to successfully manage your Home Care Package? 7 hours 3 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
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Chat with a care expert to find out about in home care in your area.


We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions to help guide you through the home care package process. We know it can be confusing, but we hope this helps to explain some of the most commonly confusing topics.

While both the HCP and CHSP give you support to stay living at home, there are significant differences between the programs. These are both government funded programs to help you stay at home, rather than in an aged care home. 

  • CHSP:
    You’ll have access to specific services and there isn’t much flexibility.
    You pay a subsidised rate from your own pocket, for the services you use.
  • HCP:
    You get an amount of funding that you can use for whatever services you require so long as they are within government guidelines and in line with your Care Plan.
    Once you have a package, it is yours until you no longer require it.
    You get to choose the services you would like to use – based on your unique situation.

After your assessment, you will receive a letter from My Aged Care letting you know the outcome of your assessment. If you are eligible for support you will be approved for a specific level (1,2,3 or 4) and placed in the national queue to wait for a package to be assigned to you.

When you are assigned your package, you will receive another letter indicating your assigned level and an individual referral code. At this time, you’ll need to choose your Provider.

At Let’s Get Care we have the largest list of service providers in Australia which is growing every day. We also don’t lock you into using our own staff at inflated costs, instead we broker our services nationally. This means you have the freedom to choose and find carers, such as in home nursing assistants right for your situation, local to you.

Book a free tele-consultation.

Whether you have your Home Care Package, are receiving commonwealth home support programme services while you wait, or are just looking for some general information, we can help. Simply select a time that suits and fill out the form below.

We will listen to your specific care needs and explain the options available to help you to live at home. 

Select a date and time between Monday – Friday, 10am – 4pm (AEST), that suits you to meet with one of our Care Experts. They will give you a call on the phone within half an hour of the time you select. 

Come along with any questions you have, and we will help guide the way.

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