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Meet Theodore


Theodore had recently been approved for a Level 4 Package but was only assigned funding for a Level 2 Package.  His wife had died the year before and his quality of life at home had suffered greatly.  Besides missing her, she had been the one to help him on a day-to-day basis after his hip surgery.  His Level 2 Package would help but he was concerned about how much a traditional Approved Home Care Package Provider would charge in fees to manage it, leaving less funds for care services for him.  That’s when he came across Let’s Get Care.  He realized that by taking over the hiring and scheduling of his care services that he could retain over 87% of his package funds for his care requirements. He didn’t mind doing the hiring and scheduling of his services as he preferred to be in charge of who entered his home anyway!


After comparing the options, Theodore decided that Let’s Get Care was the right Approved Home Care Package Provider for him.  Let’s Get Care manages the necessary government compliance and the monthly financial reconciliation for Theodore’s Home Care Package and he takes care of organising his services.  Theodore tells us that he is very happy with the large network of personal carers, services to choose from and how much more he is able to get with Let’s Get Care.