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Want to choose the right Aged Care Provider?

Choosing the right Home Care Package Provider and knowing what to expect can be difficult to navigate. That’s why we’ve put together some tips and questions for navigating Providers and doing your research.

At Let's Get Care, we are dedicated to providing top-quality Home Care Packages that cater to your unique care needs and preferences. Our mission is to empower you or your loved ones to maintain independence and well-being while receiving the support you deserve. However, we are also passionate about ensuring those who choose us as their Provider know what to expect with us. Self-management isn’t for everyone, which is why we support you to do your own research and even provide you with guides to help you do it.

Take the time to research and discover why Let's Get Care is the ideal partner for your Home Care Package needs. We're here to support you every step of the way in your care journey, ensuring that you know what to expect and that your loved one receives the exceptional care they deserve in the comfort of their own home.

Why choose Let’s Get Care.

We provide individualised care and support that is both local and tailored to your needs.

Enjoy quality support at a competitive, low cost, ensuring efficient use of government funding without any exit fees or daily basic fees.

As a leading provider with decades of experience, we understand the importance of quality care and support you to live independently.

Build your unique care team by selecting professional caregivers who meet your requirements and ensure your well-being.

Our dedicated team collaborates with you to develop a personalised Care Plan that evolves with your changing care needs.

As your care needs change, so can the level of assistance provided to you and your family members. Your comfort, future and well-being are our priorities.

Your guide to finding the right home care provider.

Are you eligible and approved for a Home Care Package and trying to select a suitable Provider to help you manage your Package? Choosing a Home Care Package Provider is a significant decision that directly impacts your well-being or that of your loved ones. For example, you want to choose a Provider that understands your needs now and into the future and supports you to get the quality support and services you need to live a better life at home. 

To help you with your research and make an informed choice, we’ve created a comprehensive Checklist. This is designed to empower you with the knowledge and criteria necessary to evaluate potential home care providers effectively. From the initial visit to your chosen care support worker to understand how to effectively manage their services. We’ll help you develop a deeper understanding of the care organisation, navigate the assessment process, and have an informed talk with you to help you through this journey.

Navigating the aged care landscape requires careful consideration of various factors, from the quality of care to financial transparency and flexibility in service offerings. Our checklist serves as your trusted guide, ensuring that the provider you select aligns with your unique care needs, preferences, and expectations. We help you think about what you expect to receive through your package, whether that’s choice of the support workers who visit or someone to take control for you, we will help you navigate these decisions.

Home Care Provider Checklist.

When it comes to your loved one’s care, selecting the right chosen Provider is a pivotal decision. You want to ensure they receive the highest quality of support. That’s why understanding how to pay for care, the associated costs, and how it impacts both your family and your loved one’s future is crucial. 

It serves as your trusted companion, offering key considerations and essential questions to ask potential providers. Whether you are with another provider or you have a chosen provider, with this checklist, you’ll have the tools to assess providers effectively and align their home care services with your unique needs and expectations. Your well-being is our priority, and this empowers you to make the best decision for your home care journey. We recommend scheduling appointments to chat on the phone to different Providers to see if they can match our offer. 

Home Care Providers Let’s Get Care
Care Management Costs 7%
Package Management Costs 11%
What are the average hourly costs of Carers I can have? $48.90/hour
Quality of care High.
Do we charge an exit fee? No.
What services can I access? All Home Care Packages Services that are included.
Where are you located? All across Australia.
Can I use my existing service providers, for example, my gardener? Yes.
Can I get online access to my current statements? Yes.
How likely am I to get my preferred times for services? Very likely. We have the largest network in Australia.
Staff training and qualifications High-quality training focused on catering to your needs.

About Let’s Get Care.

Let’s Get Care proudly stands as Australia’s premier government-approved provider, dedicated to self-managed care for Home Care Package recipients. Our mission is clear: empower every Home Care Package holder to exercise complete control over their care services while optimising their government funding.

Guided by values of fairness and excellence, we enable clients to personally select and schedule their care service providers, breaking free from traditional providers’ staff constraints, exit fee charges and high hourly rates. This newfound freedom offers connections to the broadest pool of support workers and care services in Australia at highly competitive rates.

Let’s Get Care ensures full compliance and financial reconciliation, adhering to My Aged Care’s mandatory requirements. Founded by seasoned aged care industry professionals, we guarantee service excellence and peace of mind.

Get home care services local to you.

Our extensive national reach ensures that regardless of where you call home, you can benefit from Let’s Get Care’s comprehensive home care services. Whether you reside in vibrant city centres, peaceful regional towns, or picturesque rural areas with your family or by yourself, our aim is to provide you with top-notch home care services tailored to your unique needs.

With Let’s Get Care, you have the advantage of choosing local caregivers who understand the intricacies of your community, enhancing the quality and relevance of the care you receive. Our national presence reflects our commitment to empowering Australians nationwide to lead fulfilling and independent lives through top-tier home care services in the comfort of your own home.

Choose from a range of Home Care Package services.

At Let’s Get Care, we empower you to take control of your independence through a personalised Care Plan tailored to your unique needs. Our comprehensive range of home care services is designed to give you and your family better care at home. Your services will be aligned with your care needs as outlined in your care plan or support plan. Whether you choose to have help with personal care, running errands, attending appointments or cleaning the house, we have specialist services available to help you live a better life at home.

Personal care

Our caregivers attend to essential daily tasks like bathing, dressing, and grooming, ensuring your comfort and well-being.

Domestic assistance

We provide help with household chores, including home maintenance, laundry, meal preparation, and grocery shopping, creating a safe and tidy living environment.

Social support

Stay connected with your community through social groups, outings, companionship, and participation in social activities with friends and family, fostering empowerment.

Allied health & therapy

Our experienced allied health professionals, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists, support you to live independently.

Nursing care

Qualified registered nurses and health professionals offer comprehensive care, encompassing wound management, medication administration, assistance with hospital appointments, and health condition monitoring.

Respite care

We offer short-term respite to provide temporary relief for family members who serve as caregivers, ensuring they receive the support they need.

How life is better with Let’s Get Care.

With Let’s Get Care, you gain unprecedented choice and control over your home care support. As your trusted Home Care Package Provider, we specialise in crafting a support plan tailored to your individual needs, ensuring you receive the home care services that truly matter to you. Our dedicated Care Managers are unwavering in their commitment to helping you maintain independence on your own terms.
Experience the ease of transparent pricing with our low fixed fee, thoughtfully aligned with Home Care Package funding. At Let’s Get Care, we believe in full transparency, allowing you to savour high-quality home care without worrying about hidden costs. Your funding is channelled toward the home care services you genuinely require.
Let’s Get Care proudly leads the way as Australia’s first Home Care Package Provider to offer a self-managed option. We’re your trusted companions throughout your home care journey, providing a diverse array of choices that cater precisely to your unique needs and preferences. At Let’s Get Care, it’s your home care, your way.

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During this call, we’ll attentively listen to your unique care requirements and provide clear explanations of the available options, all geared towards supporting your goal of living comfortably at home. If you’re interested in specific home care services, feel free to let us know.

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