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Your Aged Care Services Tool: myCare.

myCare is an in-home aged care tool designed to foster better communication between clients, their aged care providers and us, regarding their Care Plan, services delivered and incidents recorded. This tool helps you along your aged care journey by providing you and your chosen family members with more confidence that each aged care service delivered is compliant and aligned with your unique care needs.

Enhance your wellbeing with our innovative portal.

Let’s Get Care is dedicated to enhancing your overall well-being and we firmly believe that myCare can aid in achieving this goal. It’s a helpful tool to enhance your aged care journey and better connect you or your chosen representative with those delivering your services. As an Approved Home Care Package Provider, it is crucial for Let’s Get Care to implement measures that guarantee clients receive excellent aged care services while ensuring top-notch security. When new services get started they can simply scan your myCare code so that they can ensure the services delivered are better aligned to your care needs.

Care and service providers who visit you in your home simply scan the myCare QR code. They can then access the client’s support plan, complete home safety assessments, share general notes with your Care Manager and report health or safety incidents.

myCare is also a tool for you and your representative to access your most recent Care Plan and report any concerns.

Why did we create the myCare Portal?

The purpose of myCare is to ensure that everyone who provides your aged care services is aware of your goals and is delivering care that is aligned with your clinical needs and personal wishes. It is also an effective way for your suppliers and carers to keep us up to date about any changes.

How myCare can help you?

Ensure your services are in line with your needs.

Making sure that the suppliers who provide your aged care services are meeting your particular care requirements. Before delivering your care and services, your suppliers and service providers will use myCare to review your Care Plan for any changes and ensure you get the support you need at home.

Real time access.

With this tool, you can access your current Care Plan in real-time. Your Care Plan is a crucial document in your Home Care Package as it outlines the services you're eligible to receive, how frequently you can receive them, and the objectives you're striving to attain. Having immediate access to this information will guarantee that the services you receive are aligned with your goals, requirements, and preferences. This also helps you ensure those involved in your care or a chosen family member are able to better understand what you need at home.

Enhanced security.

To access your myCare, you'll need to scan your QR code. It’s crucial to store it in a secure location and only share it with those who need access, such as your Support Workers and Service Providers. They will then provide their detailed information when they request for access. Email notifications will be sent to your Care Manager each time if they make any updates. This is a secure online account that only you or those you choose to be involved in your care have access to.

Improve your care through easy communication.

myCare provides a convenient and effortless means to report any health and safety incidents or worries. As your safety is our top priority, using myCare will provide you and your Support Worker with constant reassurance and peace of mind regarding your safety. myCare helps to create a clear communication pathway between you, your chosen care providers and us, your Provider.

How it works.

With myCare, navigating the world of aged care with ease and efficiency is made easy. Designed with a deep understanding of the diverse and dynamic needs of older Australians, myCare stands as a personalised aged care portal, seamlessly integrating various items of care management into a user-friendly interface. We heard from our clients key issues they found with managing their services through their package, and used that knowledge to create myCare. 

In a few easy steps myCare provides a clear link between you, those involved in delivering your day to day care, and us, your chosen Provider. Here’s how it works: 

Receive your QR code.

You’ll be given your unique myCare QR code, which you should keep in a secure location that is still easily accessible and shareable with your aged care service providers when necessary.

Your suppliers login.

When the QR code is received, those who deliver your services and support can scan it with their phone camera when they visit you and they will be directed to a website where they can enter their contact information.

Security features to access the portal.

Once the provider enters their contact info, they’ll receive a verification PIN via SMS. After inputting the PIN, they can access your Care Plan details, perform safety evaluations, and report incidents.

Log off when the services are completed.

After your care or service provider has finished their shift, they will make use of the myCare tool to log off and include any additional comments or feedback that they would like to share with your Care Manager. It’s important to put in all details so that your Care Manager can better manage and plan your aged care services.


myCare is a QR code that you can place on your fridge. You can log in to the portal by scanning your unique QR code with your phone camera. 

myCare is free for all our clients. We designed the portal for our clients and their chosen suppliers to have exclusive access to. myCare helps you continue to access aged care services that meet your unique needs. 

Each time someone scans your QR code, they are required to provide personal information including their full name, business name, email and mobile number. They then need to provide a time sensitive PIN to enter. As a result, we can actively monitor usage of the platform and be made aware of any suspicious activity. If you ever become worried about someone who has previously scanned your QR code, let us know and we will issue you with a new one. It extremely important to us, that our clients can access aged care services that are aligned to their needs, myCare helps us do this in a secure way, while preserving your choice and independence. 

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