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Video Conference with us.

Want face-to-face video calls from your Care Manager?

Let’s Get Care now offers video conferences for initial assessments and annual reviews to better connect and collaborate with our clients.

Through video calls, we are able to get to know our clients even better, listen to their needs and conduct a thorough assessment to best support you at home.

We prioritise every client’s well-being and aim to provide services catered to you, to help you live independently in your own home.

How do video calls help you?

Better communication.

Meet with your Care Manager face-to-face online, to build rapport and establish a great relationship.

Personalised care.

With the face-to-face video meetings, your Care Manager can better learn your goals, needs and preferences. This way, any questions you have can be answered then and there and you will be ready to self-manage.

Comprehensive guidance.

During video calls, your Care Manager can share their screen with you to guide you through any important information, technology and tools.

How does it work?

Book an appointment.

You will need book a time with your Care Manager to have the video conference. Either send an email or give them a call, you can book yourself in!

Receive the link.

You will receive an appointment link via email. We use a simple tool so that you won’t need to download anything to join the meeting.

Join the meeting.

Simply click on the link at your appointment time. And then you will be lead to a webpage. On that page, type in your full name and click on “Join Meeting” button. You’re in! It’s time to speak to your Care Manager!

Interested in meeting your Care Manager face-to-face?