What are Home Care Package Supplements?

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If you have a Home Care Package (HCP) you could be eligible for more support. As well as your package, there are Home Care Package Supplements. These refer to additional funding from the government to cover the cost of meeting certain care needs.

Sometimes the HCP on its own doesn’t provide enough support to meet your care needs. That’s why these supplements have been introduced.

There are various supplements available through your package and we’ve put together some information about these for you to read.

What are Home Care Package Supplements?

The government pay supplements your HCP provider on top of your regular subsidy. These supplement amounts will be included in your individualised budget and your monthly statements. There are various types of supplements designed to support different care needs. You can work with your Care Manager to find out if you’re eligible for these supplements.


What are the different Home Care Package Supplements?

1. Dementia and Cognition Supplement.

This supplement helps with the cost of caring for people with moderate to severe impacts from dementia or other conditions.

It offers you an extra 11.5% on top of your current subsidy. To find out if you are eligible you will need to complete an assessment.

To find out more about eligibility you can check out: Click Here

If your situation changes and you either change providers or levels you don’t need to apply for the supplement again. Once you have the supplement you will keep it.

2. Oxygen Supplement.

HCP holders with an ongoing medical need for the administration of oxygen, may be eligible for this supplement. The supplement was brought in to help cover the costs of oxygen therapy.

There is both a standard and higher supplement. This two types of supplements cover different needs. They are available on a case-by-case basis.

If you’d like to find out more about about this supplement check out the following link: Click Here

3. Enteral Feeding Supplement.

HCP holders with a specified medical need for enteral feeding may be eligible for this supplement.

This is a method of providing nutrients, through a tube placed in the nose, the stomach or the small intestine. These nutrients could include water or foods.

The supplement was introduced to help cover the costs related to this medical need and is paid on behalf of you to your Provider.

It covers the cost of formula, equipment and other costs associated with the feeding.

You can find out more about this here: Click Here

4. Veterans’ Supplement.

This supplement provides additional funding for veterans with a service-related mental health condition. This needs to be accepted by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) as related to their service.

It provides an extra funding on top of the basic subsidy amount for the relevant HCP level for eligible care recipients. You must be a veteran in order to be eligible for this supplement.

You don’t need to apply for this as you will automatically receive it if you’re eligible.

To find out more check out this link: Click Here


5. Viability Supplement.

The viability supplement in home care is paid in recognition of the higher costs of providing services in rural and remote areas.

Eligibility for this supplement in home care is based on the suburb and postcode of the location where you receive your care and services.

This is then paid automatically on behalf of you to your provider and goes into your package.

To find out more about this check out this link: Click Here

6. Hardship Supplement.

The hardship supplement is available to package holders who have real financial hardship. If they are unable to pay costs of care they could be eligible.

Depending on their situation, they may apply for financial assistance with: the daily fee (which we don’t charge) or the income-tested fee.

Where a HCP holder is granted financial hardship, the Australian Government will pay some or all of the care recipient’s aged care costs.

7. Top-up Supplement.

This supplement tops up the dementia and cognition supplement. It is for people who had an EACH-D package before receiving a level 4 package and dementia and cognition supplement.

This is to ensure those people who were on the previous package aren’t disadvantaged from moving to the HCP program.

Who applies for the Supplements?

Your Home Care Package provider will manage the supplement on your behalf. They can assist you with applying and organising things if you think you could be eligible. If you change Providers, you will need to reapply for some of the supplements. Check with your Provider if you need to do this.


Think you may be eligible for any of the listed supplements? Contact your Care Manager on 1300 497 442.


For more information on supplements: Click Here


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