What are the different Home Care Package Levels?

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There are four different Home Care Package levels intended to meet different types of care needs. When you have your assessment with ACAT, your assessor will discuss your current care needs and determine which level best meets them.

Generally more people are assessed for lower level packages, with the higher level packages reserved for high care needs.

Home Care Package levels
Home Care Package levels


The funds in a package are made up of your government subsidy and a contribution from you (if you are not on the full pension and are eligible to pay an income tested fee).

The funds from your package are required to be administered by a provider of your choice. For more on choosing the right provider for you, check out this article: https://betterlivinghomecare.com.au/add-photo-5-costs-consider-choosing-provider/

The Government subsidy for each level is:

Package Level Services individuals with Yearly Month Week
1 Basic care needs $9,026 $752 $173
2 Low-level care needs $15,878 $1,323 $305
3 Intermediate care needs $34,551 $2,879 $663
4 High-level care needs $52,378 $4,365 $1,005

Keep in mind if you are required to pay an Income Tested Fee, you will have to contribute an amount to your package.

This will be worked out through an income assessment that you will need to lodge with the Department of Human Services (DHS).

This is a government mandated fee, and your Provider will require you to contribute the amount you are assessed for to your package funds.

Depending on which Provider you choose to host your Package, you will be charged a different administration fee out of your package funds.

With us at Let’s Get Care, that is a 14% flat fee with no other fees. To find out more about our pricing click this link: https://letsgetcare.com.au/pricing/

So with Let’s Get the funds you will have available are:

Package Level Yearly Monthly Weekly
1 $7,762 $647 $149
2 $13,655 $1,138 $262
3 $29,714 $2,476 $570
4 $45,045 $3,754 $864

If you would like us to review your situation feel free to give us a call on 1300 497 442.