What’s a Referral Code and Why do we need it?

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What’s the Code for?

When you get to the top of the waitlist and are assigned a Home Care Package you will receive a letter from My Aged Care.

We know, you receive a lot of letters from My Aged Care so it can be hard to know which letter means what!

The Assignment letter will include a referral code. This is a unique code that allows you to take up your package through a service provider of your choice.

When you are assigned a Home Care Package, you have 56 days to enter into an agreement with a Provider before your package is withdrawn.


What does it look like?

Your Referral Code is a 1- number followed by eight or so other numbers.

If you get a letter with multiple different codes, they could be CHSP Referral Codes instead. This means that you will receive interim funding while you are waiting to be assigned your Home Care Package. For more on the difference between HCP and CHSP click here.

Here are some examples of a HCP Referral Code:





Why does my Provider need it?

My Aged Care may tell you not to give your Referral Code to Providers until you have made your decision.

This isn’t correct though.

A Provider needs to be given your Referral Code in order to access your care documents and assess if they are the right Provider for you.

What My Aged Care means to say is that your Referral Code shouldn’t be accepted by a Provider until you are sure they are the right Provider for you.

This ensures that they will be the right fit for you and allows them to complete your Sign Up efficiently.


What happens when you accept my Referral Code?

When a Provider accepts your Referral Code it triggers your funding.

This is why, at Let’s Get Care – we may ask you if you are happy for us to accept it, because we want to ensure that you are signing up with us before we do this.


How about if I’m Switching?

Before you make the decision to switch providers you should check your Home Care Agreement with your current Provider. Look for the conditions, such as notice periods and exit amounts. For more on exit amounts click here.

Once you have found a new provider you will need to contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to re-activate your referral code. You need this new referral code to give your new provider before you can start receiving their services.

If My Aged Care tells you they are unable to reactivate your code this is wrong – while a CHSP code cannot be reactivated a HCP code can.

When you switch, you will also need to notify your current Provider that you will be switching.

They must help you change providers – you can discuss your plan with them and ask them about the date your care and services will end.

Once you have agreed upon this date, you should notify your new Provider to ensure there is a seamless transition and you don’t miss out on any funding.





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